Your Laptop Can Damage Your Skin!

Laptops linked to "toasted-skin syndrome”.

Your Laptop Can Damage Your Skin!

Laptops linked to “toasted-skin syndrome”.

-Jane Farrell

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If you’re in the habit of curling up on the sofa with your laptop, or waiting in an airport with that device on your lap, you might want to rethink those habits.

A study published in the journal Pediatrics shows that sitting with your laptop without any protection can lead to a condition known as “toasted-skin syndrome.” The cause: long exposure to the heat at the bottom of the laptop. Experts say that the heat at the bottom of your device can reach an incredible 125 degrees. No surprise, then, that your skin can get mottled, just as if you were out in strong sunlight for a long time. (According to Time magazine, the condition was previously suffered only by those who were exposed to a concentrated heat source throughout the day, like glass blowers and bakers.)

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The condition, which can be permanent, doesn’t cause skin cancer, according to the researchers. But why risk an unpleasant-looking skin condition when the solution is simple?

Get a laptop desk, or make it a point to work at a regular desk. The added bulk of a laptop desk may be a pain–especially at an airport, when you’re probably carrying more than enough gear already– but the alternative is so much worse! (Time)

Jane Farrell is a senior editor at BettyConfidential.

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