Win It: Gorgeous Carol Brodie Ring!

This lapis and topaz ring is a stunner.

Win It: Gorgeous Carol Brodie Ring!

This lapis and topaz ring is a stunner.

-PJ Gach 


Rarities: Fine Jewelry with Carol Brodie is an amazing, heart-stopping gorgeous line of jewelry. Seriously, not only do celebs like Michelle Tractenberg love her stuff, every time Carol appears on HSN with new goodies, they get sold out in seconds. Her jewelry is made in limited quantities, so every piece becomes a collector’s item.


Carol creates pieces that tell the story of your heart and your soul, they’re that beautiful. We’re lucky enough to have one item in our possession. It’s the Rarities: Fine Jewelry with Carol Brodie White Topaz and Lapis Sterling Silver “Starfish” ring in size 5. The stones of the starfish are white topaz and they glitter beautifully in the light. The ring is made from solid lapis and cannot be re-sized. It’s valued at $175 and it you want, you can buy it now for $99.90 at Or, if you’re one lucky BettyConfidential reader, you can win it from us!

To win, go to Betty Talk and leave a comment there and let us know why you want this glorious ring. Then you must leave one comment on any of the other style or beauty articles for the week.

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PJ Gach is the Senior Editor: Style and Beauty at BettyConfidential.

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28 thoughts on “Win It: Gorgeous Carol Brodie Ring!

  1. I saw the word glitter and then I was hooked. I love that it is unique and that is all the more reason for me to want it. Lucky for me that this would fit too.

  2. The Carol Brodie lapis and topaz ring is totally a star in itself kind of like you Betty(Confidential) i am happy you did not keep this a secret.Stars are in my eyes!!!

  3. The ring is amazing! I have a strong draw to anything in lapis. Wouldn’t it be great on a hand painted up in the MAC Scorcher nail polish featured in “6 Hottest Nail Color Trends Of The Season?” Coral and indigo look great together.

  4. I love to make a statement with fashion. And this ring really screams statement. What a stunner! And it would look really great on my finger too!!! 😎

  5. I am a Mary Kay Sales Director and my suit this year is the color of the ring! It would look perfect worn with it! Blue is the color of the season, too!

    Loved the wedding coverage of Carrie Underwood!

  6. I immediately think of my youngest daughter, Alaina, when I look at this captivating “Starfish” ring by Carol Brodie. The sparkling starfish seems to float upon the blue hues of the ocean, draws the eye as if to say “Look at me! I will inspire you!” My daughter is like that, a generous and giving spirit. She struck out for Miami, FL this year, seeking a new start in the tough field of public relations and marketing. We both recently lost jobs and she left her laptop behind for me, knowing the advantages it brings to stay up on job searches, communicate, network, etc. Alaina is my inspiration and this ring is her perfect size 5. It would be an honor to win it and to present it to her as a token of MY appreciation and love for her. I already know what I will say, “Let it remind you to smile and the world will smile back at you!”

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