14-Day Giveaway: Let Betty Be Your Valentine!

We're going to show you love every day from now until the big one, with a prize a day!.

14-Day Giveaway! Let Betty Be Your Valentine!

We’re going to show you love every day from now until the big one, with a winner chosen every day!

-PJ Gach

betty be your valentine collage

Cupid’s gone crazy this year! He’s given us not arrows, but fantastic presents to give to our readers! Each and every day from February 1 through February 14, we’re giving a gift a day to a reader. Let Betty be your Valentine!

 You could win…

*His and hers Havaianas LOVE Flip-Flops
*His and hers hair care sets from Unite Hair Care (worth around $200) *His and her fragrances from Express (approx value $100) *a Hot Date Night pack that contains Davines LOVE Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner, Foot Petals Rose and Rosebud Heart Tip Toes, Lolita “Cupid’s Party” Martini Glass, Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Sensual Black Currant Vanilla Massage Oil (approx value $200) *Goodies from a Love Box from Durex  and Goody  Ouchless Flex and Goody Statements”
a Signed bottle of Peace Love & Juicy Couture, signed by Kristin Cavallari plus Body Lotion, Body Cream and Shower Gel (priceless!)
*Jason Satin Soap

a Covergirl cosmetic gift pack
*a Dareen Hakim clutch
*Suzanna Dai
Buenos Aires earrings
*a Comfort Pack that contains Curel hand cream, foot cream and continuous comfort lotion, and a soap diffuser from NEST
*a $120 LINGERIE shopping spree on simonperele.com!
*a copy of Love and Other Drugs DVD
*Jurlique Body Care set
*Black Opal
skin care, body care and cosmetics
*sexy Affinitas packaged panties
*a fantabulous emerald green dress from Decode 1.8,worth $179!
*a Diesel watch!

Each day from Feb 1st – 14th, ONE BettyConfidential reader will win a prize package worth a minimum of $50!

To win:

1. First, like us on Facebook (if you haven’t already!).

2. Then, leave a comment in this BettyTalk room (you’ll have to sign in/ register first if you haven’t already) and tell us:

-your Facebook first name
-how you feel about Valentine’s Day- do you love it or hate it? We want to know!

To increase your chances of winning, you can follow us on Twitter and leave a comment on any style or beauty article.

Good luck!

The winner will be notified via a private message to your BettyConfidential profile. Remember to allow for private messages for your BettyConfidential profile or we can’t contact you!

Meet some of our past contest winners HERE!

You can read BettyConfidential’s official giveaway rules here.

The promotion will run from February 1, 2011 11 a.m. EST to February 15, 2011 11 a.m. EST.

PJ Gach is Senior Editor: Style + Beauty at BettyConfidential.

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174 thoughts on “14-Day Giveaway: Let Betty Be Your Valentine!

  1. My name is Antonia. After 14 years of marriage and 2 boys, Valentine’s Day has taken a back seat to bills and the boys’ activities! I could definately use this prize!!! Betty, will you be my Valentine?

  2. My name on Facebook is Rose, and disappointed that I can’t further my chances, since I don’t have a twitter account. I kind of have a love hate relationship with valentines day, a lot of times it isn’t anything special in terms of love, because it’s my birthday. It would be great to win, it has gifts for me, and gifts for me and him :)

  3. Hello,my facebook name is Tanya, and I follow on twitter.com/_TeeDee. I really like Valentines day, it’s a special day to spread love to family, friends and significant others. I really love setting aside time to buy chocolates and other Valentine’s day goodies :)

  4. Cupid’s Arrow has missed the mark on numerous occasions. I have been with my husband for over 20 years and after three kids me working midnight to eight and him working 7-3 we have barely enough time to say hello. But would love to catch his attention with the gadgets of love.

  5. The last few years have proven Valentine’s Day to be extremely romantic. I suspect that because the kids are grown and out of the home,(well, almost!) life has been less hectic and more spontaneous, giving us more time for each other.I love Valentine’s Day!

  6. FB Name: Catharine Elizabeth
    As a young child, I always looked forward to the Valentine’s Day card exchange in class. I still enjoy the day, but we’re pretty low-key about it.

  7. FB chelle1141

    I hate Valentine’s Day. Never had a good one, spending another alone. It’s just another day to make me feel worse about my pitiful & nonexistant love life. I know, I’m bitter. But bitter & heartbroken.

  8. My FB name is Holly Day. No what whats happening with bills or the job I’m doing everything drops and my boyfriend of 7 years and I do something, either dinner and a movie (which is still wonderful) or just cozy up by the fire. I love Valentines Day!

  9. My FB name is Holly. No matter whats happening with bills or the job I’m doing everything drops and my boyfriend of 7 years and I do something, either dinner and a movie (which is still wonderful) or just cozy up by the fire. I love Valentines Day!

  10. I love Valentine’s Day hubby with the perfect gift but he always out does me with his gift. Last year our son out did us both with a beautiful baby girl born on Valentine’s Day and they named her Cupid

  11. I Like you on facebook an my name vickiecouturier
    I love Valentines day,even if we dont have money,Ill cook something special for my husband an he will pick wildflowers for me,which is just fine with me,at least he tried


  12. Facebook Name :YanaKoh ???

    I love Valentine because valentine is a romantic day for a couple . Sharing love and show how much you love your partner .

    I love valentine for this year . My first valentine with someone i love .

  13. Facebook Name :YanaKoh ???

    I love Valentine because valentine is a romantic day for a couple . Sharing love and show how much you love your partner .

    I love valentine for this year . My first valentine with someone i love .

  14. Hello! My FB name is Sylvia. With me, Valentine’s Day is a love/hate, since my birthday is two days later. One year I will get great gifts for Valentines Day then my birthday I would get a card. The following year I would get a card for VDay but my birthday I get great gifts. Kinda like the people that share Christmas as their birthday….LOL But I guess I will call myself fortunate to have someone who at least acknowledges both.

    I follow on twitter: @ewffan


  15. Hi I’m Theresa! I L-O-V-E Valentine’s Day! Ever since I was little I wanted to draw perfect hearts. Hearts would be doodled in my school notebooks everywhere! If my roommate would let me, I’d leave Valentine’s Day decorations up everyday out of the year, you can never have too much love! It’s a great day to celebrate the love between families, friends, and that special someone! :)

  16. I LOVE VALENTINES DAY! Its the day we celebrate the ones we love.And everyone must know at least 1 person that they love, weather it be mom,dad or best buddy. We should all give celebration to the ones that have been there for us throughout the years!

  17. liked you on fb – julie.reuter1

    i’m not really a big fan of valentine’s. seems that it hardly ever lives up to the hype and expectations. and the years when i don’t have boyfriend? forget about it!

    julie_reuter92 at yahoo dot com

  18. FB name is Michelle DiFlorio Coles.
    I love Valentine’s Day! My husband and I get to go out to a NICe dinner(just the 2 of us)and we don’t get to do this that often.

  19. facebook name- Rob Mcneight
    I love v-day. me and my wife always have a great time.. i always plan a nice dinner and try to get her something great every year.. I feel its my day to really let her know how much i love and care for her.. but this year we need a baby sitter…

  20. FB Name: Cole Dudek Dziedzic
    I love Valentine’s Day. It’s a time to celebrate love of all kinds. I love Valentine’s decorating, the color themes of it all, and of course chocolate! I also still have my Valentine’s from when i was little. I actually re-use them to make some crafty things. Valentine’s Day is a special day to create, gather, & bring love.

  21. My facebook name is Kapumaka
    I love Valentine’s Day, I was married on Feb 14, 1981 a day to remember forever.
    I love the day because it’s so nice to share
    love !
    I also twitted

  22. My husband and I have been married 32 years we rarely do anything on Valentines Day because the money is tight. However, every day in our hearts is Valentine’s Day because after 32 years we are still so much in love.

  23. Facebook name is Andrew Botticelli

    I look forwards to making my fiance happy on Valenties with Roses, card, dinner and chocolates. I love it but its overrated.

  24. FB Name:Cathy Horner
    Most guys seem to dread having to do something for us on Valentine’s Day, so I think it’s endearing to get a card, maybe some flowers.

  25. FB Name is Melanie VDG. I looked forward to Valentine’s Day as a kid because my mom would always make sure we had a little treat hidden somewhere in the house. When I was single, my friend’s would semi-jokingly call it “Singlehood awareness day.” When I got married, we call it a day to give each other more senitments of love. I also strive to hide little gifts around the house for my kids, so they can sense the joy of sharing love and kindness with others.

  26. My name is Irene on FB. I love the idea of valentine’s day but in actuality it isn’t so great. It is just like any other day of the year that makes me question my relationships and eat more chocolate.

  27. fb name is lisakaylyons…

    luckily, i don’t need a special day for my beloved to appreciate me…he shows me every day…i take good care of him, too…

    i prefer surprise gifts, personally…not something a person feel obligated to give me…

  28. Facebook (if you haven’t already!).

    2. Then, leave a comment in this BettyTalk room (you’ll have to sign in/ register first if you haven’t already) and tell us:

    -your Facebook first name Anita B.
    -how you feel about Valentine

  29. My FB name is LJMaggie
    I love Valentine’s Day because I love the color pink and all of the fun pink and red stuff comes out for Valentine’s Day. My Birthday is also the day after Valentine’s Day.

  30. My name is Sharon and now that our kids are grown my hubby and I are trying to get the romance back in our marriage. This year we are going away for the holiday to spend some time to rekindle the romance.

  31. As thought of Valentine’s Day as a special time for sharing with loved one be it mother,kids and significant other. So now that I have my true soulmate now it like you go that extra mile you show that LOVE. For he is my cupid but, instead of be shot with the arrow I’ve placed my heart and soul in his hands and all he wishes & wants to do is nurture and love me. Beyond compare or my expectations. So you know there’s nothing but, love for valentine’s Day.. Facebook -Dorothea

  32. Hi BettyConfidential, my FB name is also Betty. I luv Valentine’s Day. I get a box of chocolates from my hubby and he usually takes me out, lets see this year. I’m excited!

  33. Stephanie Vollowitz Light
    so so about Valentine’s Day – some years more excited about it than others. More exciting early in relationships and when kids young. Should celebrate love all year.

  34. FB name: Jamie Ferrari
    I loved Valentine’s Day when I was a kid in elementary school. It was fun to decorate a Valentine bag and hang it up in the classroom until the big day. I loved choosing just the right card give to each of my classmates and always added an iconic Conversation Hearts box with each card. Valentine’s Day was fun and it was a holiday that many of us enjoyed. During my twenties for some reason I would transpose Halloween for Valentine’s Day. Everyone would laugh and it was joke with my friends. Now, I enjoy Valentine’s Day even more as my wedding date is Feb. 11th, and it reminds me of all of the years it took to find the one I wanted to share my life with. We enjoy spending time together and usually exchange cards and Conversation Hearts. Happy Valentine’s Day, Betty and everyone else. XO

  35. FB name: Nicki Keal Walker
    Valentines Day has its ups and downs. Currently single so probably be a down one this year. Unless I win a fabulous prize from Betty Confidential. Love receiving the emails.

  36. This is Cecelia and even though I don’t have a sweetie in my life (unless you count my little mini Schnauzer, Zack) … I would absolutely love to win this Valentine Days contest.

  37. My facebook name is Johanna.
    I do not really pay too much attetion to valentines day, I love my husband dearly, I don’t reaaly need any special day to show him that I love him.

  38. I’m Gabby. I love Valentine’s Day. My husband and I had our first date on Valentine’s Day. I always make sure to get my mom and a few friends a gift for Valentine’s. It’s a great day to show everyone how much you love and appreciate them…

  39. Hello Betty, I love this Web Site. And my Favorite Holiday is Valentines Day. I’m praying I’ll win one of these amazing prizes. I have been going through such in the last year with my health that it would really brighten my day.

    I want to Wish all the people on Betty a very loving Valentines day! Enjoy your loved ones and relax. Have a Blessed Day everyone

  40. My first name on FB is Mary.

    I’m not looking forward to this Valentine’s Day. My bf will be in Puerto Rico of all places! So I’m stuck alone with nothing to do. Siiiigh.

  41. FB Name: Diane
    The love of my life is gone now, so it’s a bittersweet day. There are memories that are wonderful, but then it’s sad that he’s gone. On a lighter note, I love the valentine candies available! :)

  42. I would love to win one of these prizes…my name is Betty and whom else would be a better winner for Betty Confidential? I love your blog…and looking forward to hearing from you daily. Happy Valentines Day! Betty

  43. my facebook name (paulinemendes)
    I loved valentine’s day growing up. We used to have contests on the best looking valentine box and my Dad would actually help us make something incredible! Now, it’s more of an excuse to enjoy a nice dinner!

  44. FB name is Catherine. I love Valentine’s day because my husband and I always celebrate and do something special together. I look forward to it because it brings out our romantic, loving sides……look forward to it every year!

  45. facebook name: susan lango frank
    i love betty confidential for all you do to keep up informed, up-to-date on all things fun.
    i adore valentine’s day. few years ago hubby & i got all dressed up to dine out on V-day. we were very hungry & every restaurant we drove to had a 1-1.5 hour wait. we ended up eating @ schlotsky’s! we giggled through our entire meal & now just dress casually & have a heart shaped pizza at home on cupid’s special day.

  46. FB name: Tim aka SalanderServant

    I am indifferent about Valentine’s Day as America has turned it into a consumer holiday for people acting like schlubs in their relationships to act like they care for one day.

    However, for people who do actually treat their partners well year round, this can be a nice day used to look back on your previous year together.

  47. Hi Betty,
    My FB name is Joyce McDaniel and I follow you.
    I like Valentines Day for it is one day I know my sweetheart will be taken me out. We have been married 33 yrs this yr. and are high school sweethearts. We celebrated today that 35 yrs ago on Feb.6, 76 was our first date and he said he would marry me. He is my love of my life.

  48. FB Name: Jennifer Browning Gann
    I LOVE Valentines day even though many say its just a commercial way of making money, but I can remember my VERY first EVER valentines gift given to me from a boy friend. I was in the 6th grade and he sent me a rose and a teddy bear, I was SO embarrased!

  49. This is awesome. I was the tallest kid in my class and fat. I got the elephant and hippo Valentines. Now I’ve lost 110 pounds and have a wonderful boyfriend. I would love to have a nice Valentines Day for the first time in my 56 years.

  50. Hi, I’m Holly. I am single and have been for the last 5 Valentines’ Days. I try to make it special for my son, who is 10. I do the corny cards for him and leave him something extra special in his lunch for the day. He never expects it and it is nice to see his smile that night when we talk about it.

  51. My Facebook first name is Tiffiny Berry Duke! I love Valentine’s Day! I love to express my love to my girls and hubby!!

    To increase your chances of winning, you can follow us on Twitter and leave a comment on any style or beauty article.

    Good luck!

  52. FB name ritakn and yes i love it because it is my name and i have always loved valetines day and even more now my kids are grown and its just me and my hubby so lots more of those special moments of valentines.

  53. my fb name is Robert Mcneight and this would be the best valentine gift for my wife.. thanks for the chance to win the cool stuff.. good luck everyone and i hope you have a romantic valentines day.

  54. i like valentines day especially for the younger kids. My great grandkids enjoy the presents they get from us. There father always gets them candy when her gives his wife flowers

  55. My facebook name is Mindee Larsen
    and i love valentines day…at least when i have a boyfriend :) If i don’t well then i don’t like it even one little bit! :) But one thing i will always love about valentines day with OR without a man is the candy!! xoxo

  56. Although I have a great valentine, I don’t care for the holiday. I usually tell my husband to save the money and let’s do sometihng later in the month to celebrate our love.

  57. fb name:elisa
    well last year my so called “valentine”chose his LayZBoy over me in being my valentine so this year once again I am Valentine-less.
    It’s a strange holiday as in all the relationships I’ve been in, that was the day all of them decided to dump me via email so I have a love/hate relationship with this holiday..

  58. Facebook first name: Jason

    Just got married on 1/29/11, but we will celebrating our 2nd Valentine’s Day together… I have aleays loved exchanging the cards and candy. Our teachers made us give them to everyone in class so no one was excluded. But everybody had that one they made extra special for someone!
    Thx Betty – you rock!

  59. FB Name is Beth
    I love Valentine’s Day, but then I love any holiday! Anything that gives me a chance to decorate my house and do projects with my daughter are great times for me!

  60. fb name – julie (julie.reuter1)

    i’m not really a big fan of valentine’s day. it’s one of those up and down things, you know? obviously great when you have a boyfriend, but total suckage when you don’t. i think it’s overly commercialized.

    julie_reuter 92 at yahoo dot com

  61. Valentines Day is a mixed bag. I’ve never had a good one. So I’ve really hated it for years, even wearing all black on Valentines day as a teenager. As an adult, I skip it entirely . Being with my husband, a chef who is always making someone else’s Valentine’s Day special, has taught me that you should spend the whole year showing a person how much you love them. He says you can’t make up for a year in one day. So our Valentines Day is every day that he’s home. So I’ll be celebrating this year in April. Except we won’t call it Valentine’s. We’ll propably just call it Tueseday. Or Wednesday.

  62. FB Name: Paula
    I look forward to Valentine’s Day. It’s a day where I can be a girly-girl and give my husband silly little gifts and leave him cutesy notes all over the place. I get to wear pink if I want. LOL

  63. fb Robert mcneight.. betty be my valentine.. this is a great giveaway.. i will get some brownie points from my wife if i get this.. thanks and happy valentines day

  64. My FB name is Sherry McCloud or scloud3 and I do not Tweet had a very bad experience with it someone came to my home from Tweeting. I love Valentine’s Day and my hubby and I have a tradition of making the day one of romance and love and I can not wait till Monday

  65. fb name-Robert Mcneight. only four days left.. i cant wait for it.. i have a nice dinner and night planned for my wife.. i love valentines day because you can really show how much a person means to you

  66. Chiefs1970

    As a guy, Valentine’s Day is significant as it is the first opportunity for gift for my wife in the early part of the year. I have always enjoyed it!

  67. FB name Jennifer Browning Gann
    Well as said before Valentines parties as a kid are always memorable. But just about an hour ago, my son walks up and tells me he got this heart box of chocolates at school, but he wanted me to have it because he knows how hard I have been trying to “make the ends meet” as he put it. I am a single mom, trying to finish up college to get my two year degree. Happy V Day all!

  68. My Facebook name is Emily,
    I hate valentines day, even when i do have someone to celebrate it with! It is a hallmark holiday that makes single people feel lonely. If you love someone you don’t need a special day to show it, you should show it in small ways all the time!

  69. Valentines day is wonderful – we seldom go out though. Our anniversary is 2/16 and that’s a day where we never have issues getting a reservation to our choice of restaurant or show.

  70. I really never cared for Valentines day until this year. My wonderful husband of 28 years had a massive heart attack on December 23, 2010 and I almost lost him, so this years Valentines Days has alot more meaning to it to me.But thank God or whom ever you believe in, was listening to my cries and prayers he made it another day!. So to me just being able to hold the one one you love close and tight and love the tem forever, is what Valentines Day means to me.

  71. Well it’s the BIG day and I woke early to surprise my family with chocolate dipped strawberries, handmade French Truffles, and handmade turtles. To my dismay, my daughter had to be picked up from school as she is ill and my honey is called into work an overnight shift. Looks like Valentine’s Day will be spent alone with my little dog Louis. Suppose we can celebrate later in the week.

  72. fb name-Robert Mcneight
    Valentines day is right behind christmas for me.. its the day you can really show my wife how much i really love her without her getting mad that i spent that much on flowers and a nice present..

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