Win It: Autographed Bottle Of Britney Spears Radiance And More

Radiance's glamorous sunny and sexy fragrance or a gift set could be yours.

Win It: Autographed Bottle Of Britney Spears’ Radiance And More!

Radiance’s glamorous sunny and sexy fragrance or a gift set could be yours.

-PJ Gach

Britney Spears

Oh, lucky you! BettyConfidential is going to brighten up a dreary winter day with a giveaway that smells like spring and romance. We have an autographed bottle of Britney Spears Radiance to give to one (1) lucky winner and 5 (five) Radiance gift sets to give to 5 (five) lucky BettyConfidential readers!

What does Radiance smell like? Perfumers and co-creators Honorine Blanc and Harry Fremont, inspired by Britney’s personality, gathered up wild berries, dewy petals, white flowers like jasmine, tuberose, Iris, orange flower and amber, woods and sexy musk to create a radiant fragrance!

The grand prize winner will get a gorgeous 3.4 ounce eau de parfum spray of Radiance that’s been autographed by Britney herself. Without Britney’s signature, a 3.4 ounce edp bottle of Radiance goes for $59.50, with the signature, it’s priceless.

 Britney Spears Radiance

And the other yummy prizes? The gift set, worth $65, contains a full sized body soufflé, 1.7 ounce eau de parfum spray and a rollerball. That’s going to 5, yes, 5 very lucky BettyConfidential readers.

 Britney Spears Radiance

To win, please register at BettyTalk and tell us why you love Britney Spears.

To increase your chances of wining, please follow us on twitter and like us at Facebook and please leave a comment on any style or beauty article.

The winners will be notified via a private message to their BettyConfidential profile.

Meet some of our past contest winners HERE!

You can read BettyConfidential’s official giveaway rules here.

The promotion will run from January 13, 2011 11 a.m. EST to January 26, 2011 11 a.m. EST.

PJ Gach is the Senior Editor: Style + Beauty at BettyConfidential.

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0 thoughts on “Win It: Autographed Bottle Of Britney Spears Radiance And More

  1. fearless says:

    my daughter just loves to try new perfumes

  2. erdmann says:

    Her figure, her hair, her face, pretty much everything about Britney Spears.

  3. suezh says:

    She is herself. And herself is pretty cute.

  4. lindasmaggie says:

    Need a new scent for winter. Love her!!

  5. scloud3 says:

    she is pretty that no one can take away from her and I would love to win her cologne

  6. mellanhead says:

    I love her for all the laughs from the stupid stuff she has done over the years

  7. miriama59 says:

    She’s proven she is a survivor and has staying power. I also think she has a great voice.

  8. meonha26 says:

    Love Brit – so happy for her able to find herself again …

  9. sidneyanne says:

    I’d like it just for the pretty bottle. It’s nearly as pretty as Britney.

  10. shy_leeza2003 says:

    She is doing a great job at turning her life around

  11. fearless says:

    i love her because she’s really a very good singer and glad she’s finally growing up

  12. hotball28bc says:

    I would love to try this special fragrance

  13. Ziggywag says:

    She has very pretty eyes. My daughter would love this

  14. berwyn says:

    I love Britney Spears since she is a fighter. She never stays down long. Way to go Britney!

  15. peg42 says:

    Britney is such a talented singer. I really enjoy her songs.

  16. arkadian says:

    my girlfriend would love this

  17. shecandoit says:

    I like Britney Spears because she has proven she is just like the rest of us. We all make mistakes.

  18. cdmtx65 says:

    she is a strong beautiful woman :) !

  19. angstychiquita says:

    she’s a great entertainer!

  20. cwiz23 says:

    Britney is very talented. She has made some mistakes in her life however, she seems to be trying to get her act together. Unlike other starlets that seem to not learn from their mistakes, Britney seems to be on her way up again.

  21. llinda29 says:

    I love britney because it is pretty

  22. phasbargen says:

    Need a young scent.

  23. mullin says:

    I think she has a very good voice and
    she is a good MOM. She always has a pretty

  24. jemscout425 says:

    Love that she’s finally realizing her full potential as she’s grown into a woman

  25. grammypennyann says:

    Britney is so down to earth & cute!!

  26. smilekisses says:

    She sure can dance!!

  27. phantom000 says:

    I love Britney because she never gives up, no matter how difficult things have gotten for her.

  28. rosemarytodasco says:

    great cologne…………..

  29. jsc123 says:

    To me she is more like a normal person that a star. She has her problems just like everyone else. But always seems to overcome them and bounce back.

  30. jsc123 says:

    I am a fan via Facebook as Jill Myrick.

  31. anna_ says:

    Britney is awesome because she’s been able to maintain popularity in an industry (and genre) where performers are expendable. Her longevity in the field is really inspiring!

  32. anna_ says:

    following on twitter

  33. anna_ says:

    liked betty confidential on facebook

  34. anna_ says:

    I left a comment on the sweater dress post.

    Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  35. mogrill says:

    I love her because she has bettered herself.
    Thanks for the chance.

  36. hale2005 says:

    I like britney spears because she is unpredictable.

  37. ferriz says:

    I have been a Britney fan since she started. I actually still have a cassette tape (who still has those?) of her single for hit me baby one more time before it was released… when she was a BRUNETTE! this was long before they turned her into what she was for the music video.

    been hooked ever since!

  38. ferriz says:

    fb fan: xferriza2 (danielle b) (hope i am doing this right!)

  39. ferriz says:

    commented on the 10 trendy nail polish article!

  40. clynsg says:

    I like to try new scents, and I give Britney points for seeming to get her life back on track.

  41. skalobster11 says:

    She is a great singer, despite all of the drama.

  42. NICKIEISIS3 says:

    She is herself.

  43. NICKIEISIS3 says:

    BettyBuzz twitter follower (nickieisis3)

  44. NICKIEISIS3 says: fb fan (nikki burke)

  45. kittycardero says:

    I like Britney because her music reminds me of so many fun times I’ve had.

  46. kittycardero says:

    Follow on twitter

  47. kittycardero says:

    Follow on facebook

  48. ingakaye says:

    I like the way she found a way to keep going after having quite a bit of embarrassing things happen.

    liked Betty Confidential on facebook

  49. xxbeccaannxx says:

    That bottle is so pretty and I love Britney

  50. sharonjo says:

    Brittany Spears is the comeback kid. I am always cheering for her to succeed! Thanks!

  51. sharonjo says:

    I am a new Twitter Follower – sharonjo1! Thanks!

  52. sharonjo says:

    I am a new Facebook Fan- Sharon Seneker! Count me in! Thanks!

  53. sharonjo says:

    I liked your article on 20 heart shape items for Valentine’s Day. I plan om making hear shaped pillows for gifts! Fingers crossed! Thanks!

  54. DianeBa53 says:

    Ouch…love about Brittany? Her perfume!

  55. happishopr says:

    I think Brit is beautiful and I like her style

  56. carrie51 says:

    would love a new scent to smell pretty!!!

  57. LuckyTJG says:

    I’m registered. (LuckyTJG) I love Britney Spears because she is herself and not fake like some pop stars.

  58. msrodeobrat says:

    i like that her music is upbeat

  59. jenniferann9 says:

    I would love to win a bottle of Radiance because I love Britney Spears. She has been my idol since I first heard her very first album and I also have all of her perfumes except Radiance. It happens to be my favorite next to Fantasy but Radiance is the one I happen to want the most.

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