Win It! $750 Red Carpet VIP Gift Bag from QVC!

Get into an Oscars mood with this awesome swag bag chock full of goodies!

Win It! $750 Red Carpet VIP Gift Bag from QVC!

Get into an Oscars mood with this awesome swag bag chock full of goodies!

-The Betty Editors

red carpet jennifer lopez demi moore

Hey Bettys! We have an AWESOME prize to give away from our friends at QVC — a limited edition red carpet tote bag stuffed with $750 worth of amazing goodies!

We’re giving away this prize to celebrate QVC’s upcoming Buzz on the Red Carpet – Live from LA events: Join celebrities, designers, stylists and some of Hollywood’s most popular names in fashion, beauty, accessories and jewelry as they share their red carpet inspirations and star-tested secrets during two live broadcasts Friday, February 25 at 9 PM (ET) and Saturday, February 26 at 8 PM (ET).

Get more info here!

The gift bag features a limited-edition tote designed by fashion stylist Lori Goldstein filled with fabulous products from QVC – valued at over $750. The tote bag is so new, that images are not yet available!  As a special treat, included amongst the bonanza of products are three NEW beauty products, scheduled to debut during the Buzz on the Red Carpet broadcasts, from philosophy, tarte and Ja’Maal Buster:

hope philosophy
NEW philosophy Hope is All You Need Three-Piece Hydrating Skincare Trio

(QVC Item #A212783; approximate value: $96)

NEW tarte Red Carpet Ready Aqua Gel Eyeliner Trio with Clutch

(QVC Item #A214960; approximate value: $36)


NEW Ja’Maal Buster Read My Lashes Lash Duo with Glue and Applicator Tool
(QVC Item #A216139; approximate value $27.50)


1. First, like us on Facebook (if you haven’t already!).

2. Then, leave a comment below and tell us:
-your Facebook first name
-your favorite “night out” beauty trick!

To increase your chances of winning, you can follow us on Twitter and leave a comment on any style or beauty article.

Good luck!

The winner will be notified via a private message to your BettyConfidential profile. Remember to allow for private messages for your BettyConfidential profile or we can’t contact you! Meet some of our past contest winners HERE!

You can read BettyConfidential’s official giveaway rules here. The promotion will run from February 22, 2011 11 a.m. EST to February 28, 2011 11 a.m. EST.

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162 thoughts on “Win It! $750 Red Carpet VIP Gift Bag from QVC!

  1. ladyjd says:

    would love to win the red carpet prizes – love to watch the oscars every year.

  2. festivelady826 says:

    FB name: Edie

    I LOVE watching Lori on QVC and I NEED that swag bag!!

  3. dianeF1119 says:

    I’m Diane RothschildFond on FB.Oscar night has always been special and fun for the family!!!!!!Swag Bag sounds awesome!

  4. hockandroll says:

    Facebook name: Kimberly
    I really really like you on facebook

  5. hockandroll says:

    Facebook name: Kimberly

    In my new stylin’ boots.. hhhmmm…. my husband’s a musician.. I would wear them to the next gig!

  6. reems says:

    My facebook name is Hareema. This stuff looks amazing, I’d go to my next party in my new boots!

  7. Glamamom says:

    FB name: Laura
    I’d go to NYC in my new boots for a fabulous night out on the town!!!

  8. hminnesota says:

    FB name:heta s
    I would wear these boots on upcoming party at work.

  9. tmasson2nd says:

    FB First Name: Thomas
    Beating a path to the mall with my daughters!
    Excellent SWAG BAG – here’s keeping my fingers crossed for a win!

  10. maryki_12 says:

    My facebook name is Mary.
    I would wear the boots out dancing!

  11. Bea says:

    Hi FB name is Betty. I follow you on Facebook and I love QVC. I order from them alot. I will wear my boots to the South Beach Food & Wine festival.:) Would love to win this gift bag!

  12. tynec2723 says:

    FB tynec2723
    I’d wear the boots to the mall and walk back and forth in front of the shoe store,and make them jealous!

  13. love2010 says:

    facebook first name Dawn
    I would wear the boots when i go out for the night with my fiance.

  14. stellamerteuil says:

    Facebook firstname is Esther, and I’ll be going EVERYWHERE In my new boots.

  15. AsTheNight says:

    I like you on Facebook @Deborah Rosen. I’d wear my new boots to our library’s expansion cocktail party.

  16. char says:

    Charlene: I love to use Sudden Change to suck up the bags under my eyes. It works like a dream!

  17. susan30238 says:

    My Facebook name is Susan

    Plump Pucker lips that last all night!



  19. corvette67 says:

    Julie on FB.
    My sleek hair on a night our! Great giveaway!

  20. turboterp says:

    I’m Melissa and I already “like” you, and my favorite night out beauty trick is metallic jewel-toned eyeliner. It brightens up my entire face!

    P.S. I follow on Twitter, too (@turboterpmd).

  21. DLomurno says:

    I’m Debra and my most important trick to a night out is that “disco nap” earlier in the evening (I know, I know, I’m dating myself) but I also get to go out well-rested.

  22. mcrosson says:

    I have two daughters who’d go through this faster than a box of twinkies!

  23. meonha26 says:

    Sorry Betty – FB is not for me – cant trust that website, but I do watch Oscar every year and it will be nice to be a winner.
    thank you Betty.

  24. pcwb says:

    Facebook name: Patricia
    Night out trick: reapply the day’s eyeliner and tell myself I look beautiful! Then I’m ready to go!

  25. silitalia says:


  26. herblady says:

    My FB name is Hannah.
    My tip is to get a pair of those little fold-up slippers that look dressy and keep them in your bag in case your heels get to be too uncomfortable.

  27. johanna2681 says:

    Facebook name: Johanna
    I love this page! my fav trick when I go out is put shining glow on my hair!

  28. katygmorris says:

    What an amazing gift bag! Wow! I follow you on Facebook as Katy and my favorite night out makeup trick is to play up my eyes using a thick gel eyeliner in a base color and then going over it with a shimmery shadow. Follow with two coats of black mascara and you’re good to go!

    Thanks for the great giveay!!! :)

  29. cindychampion12 says:

    FB Name: Cindy C. I put on brown mascara and then put on black mascara just on the tips to give them more definition and make them look longer.

  30. lex5finest says:


  31. bonnieann says:

    my facebook name is bonnie
    new boots to strut my stuff!

  32. roeann12 says:

    I would love to win because I know in my previous life I was an actress, I am just to good at it now….although in this life I have never been involved in acting at all….

  33. katygmorris says:

    I follow you on Twitter as @katygmorris.

    Thanks!!! :)

  34. katygmorris says:

    I just commented on your “15 Hottest Lip Colors For Spring” article.

    Thanks!!! :)

  35. betty013 says:

    The swag looks amazing!!!


    I love using Aquaphor as a base prior to applying lipstick!

  36. KelR1 says:

    Facebook first name: Kelli
    Favourite “night out” beauty trick: red lipstick!!!

  37. luvbug92499 says:

    would love to win this since ive been trying to become more confident in myself! pls help. my facebook name is Tonya. my favorite nigh out trick is to use blue eyeliner to match my eyes

  38. lindasmaggie says:

    My facebook name is Linda. Lots of mascara and red lipstick for a night out.

  39. jenduck2 says:

    FB Name: Jennifer
    All about some gold sparkle to the eyes for a dramatic look!
    Can’t wait to see all the products revealed – pick me!!

  40. pamphyila says:

    Facebk-Pamela Ruth Munro/Twttr-pamphyila
    Wdn’t it B nice 4 more ordinary folks 2 hv all those freebies?

  41. kagate says:

    FB name is Kathy
    Wash off the day’s dirt, use a great cream for sleeping at least 7 hours!

  42. saldav83 says:

    FB name is Sally
    I also follow on twitter.
    I have not had a night out for so long, I don’t have any beauty tricks.
    If I win this I will come up with some!!

  43. sharon newman says:

    Looking great in boots and jeans….. sharon newman

  44. jb1ab2 says:

    FB name Angela Barnes my favorite night out beauty trick is putting on my face primer under my fondation.

  45. lindslion says:

    FB Name: Lindsay
    Trick: Smokey Eyes (works every time!)

  46. lindslion says:

    FB Name: Lindsay

    Trick: Smokey Eyes (works every time!)

  47. deb2483 says:

    My facebook first name is Deb.
    Smoky eyes + false eyelashes (just a few) help me get ready for a night out.

  48. akseymour says:

    My FB First Name: Amy

    My favorite night out beauty trick is doubling up on mascara – I use two different formulas for knock out lashes.

  49. acrisafu says:

    My FB name is April Crisafulli. Fave night out beauty trick–glittery eye shadow!

  50. dreapuff says:

    FB name: Andrea

    My night out beauty trick is white cream eyeshadow on the inner corners of my eyes to make me look more awake!

    I am a beauty addict! This would be awesome to win =]

  51. denised9 says:

    My facebook Name is Denise.
    My favorite night out beauty trick is a smile and a great pair of heels. Add some height and smile your way through the night.
    best of luck to me and all the contestants for the win! xoxo

  52. sherwalk says:

    my facebook name is Sherry Walker

    A smoky eye is definitely my night out trick!

  53. sherwalk says:

    i follow you on twitter – sherwalk88

    sherwalk at yahoo dot com

  54. Bea says:

    My FB name is Betty. My nite out is wearing eyeliner and a lot of mascara to make my eyes pop. The goodie bag sounds awesome. I want to win.

  55. Antonia says:

    My FB name is Antonia! I LOVE to wear extra long lashes when I get a night out!!

  56. sheilahlowe says:

    FB Name Sheilah

    An afternoon nap works wonders!

  57. ggreatm9 says:

    Nights out–glitter eyeliner in bold color and/or stand out piece of jewelry.

  58. buttercup says:

    my facebook name is Theresa
    my nite out trick is always keep lipstick handy it keeps you looking fresh

  59. MrsCheese says:

    Facebook= Shelly Smith

    The prizes are fabulous! Someone’s gonna be lucky. I hope it’s me, =)

  60. lbk says:

    Lisa -
    My favorite trick is to just try and look my best and be happy. I don’t get out much because I care for my terminally ill husband so I try to enjoy my times out with great friends!!

  61. myfreetime says:

    FB Linda
    Before going out I love to pump up the music and get ready to partyyyy!

  62. dolls123 says:

    FB 1st name: Michelle
    Night out trick: socks in my hangbag

  63. swoogie says:

    My facebook name is Dorothy
    My beauty night out secret hairspray on stockings to keep my dress from rising up on the dance floor.

  64. amysweeps says:

    I like you on FB (Amy M.) My favorite night-out makeup trick is nothing too original — a bit of white highlighter on the center of my lower lip and at the inner corners of my eyes.

  65. RachaiaSky says:

    My name is Sky, and my night out trick is glitter. Eyeshadow, mascara, lip gloss, or hair and body glitter. Especially in gold, you can never go wrong.

  66. evrywoman says:

    I follow Betty Confidential on Twitter @evrywoman

  67. evrywoman says:

    I commented on the 15 Products That Repair Winter Hair article. Very informative and helpful during this time of year.

  68. ktkatherine says:

    -your Facebook first name: Katie
    -your favorite “night out” beauty trick: Black liquid eyeliner and perfect cat eye liner on my eyes – looks great for a night out every single time!

  69. ktkatherine says:

    I follow on twitter – @fashfrugality

  70. teddie says:

    Facebook name: Trez

    My favorite night out beauty trick is a neutral eyeshadow and a bright eyeliner to open and draw attention to my eyes.

  71. lilswtgurl85 says:

    Facebook name: Julie Yu
    My favorite “night out” beauty trick would be always have lipstick on hand.

  72. aliciaely says:

    fb name alicia
    fancy underwear ;)

  73. tiffie555 says:

    Powder my eyeliner so it doesn’t run and spread
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  74. dianeF1119 says:

    What fun to win such a great prize! It’s Award time…….

  75. lilswtgurl85 says:

    following on twitter: juliemodernlife

  76. moblonde says:

    My FB name is Mary.
    I would wear my new boots with jeans and a fun top. Will be celebrating the big XO birthday in March and would be fun to win the SWAG BAG! :)

  77. leahbabes says:

    Hi there!

    My Facebook first name is Leah.
    What’s my “night out” beauty trick? BOOTS!! They add length to my legs, and give me a nice saunter!

  78. thisenvy says:

    All about the eye makeup at night!

  79. thisenvy says:

    I follow you on twitter already

  80. ftblackwell says:

    Facebook name: Fran

    This sounds like an awesome prize, hope I win. Good luck all.

  81. NaptownCutie says:

    FB first name: Camille
    My favorite night out trick is to play around with eyeshadow. It brings out my eye color.

  82. tnrina says:

    Like Facebook/Debbie Rinaldi

  83. tnrina says:

    Following @ on Twitter/@tnrina

  84. tnrina says:

    My favorite “night out” beauty trick dark environments =0)

  85. Winner4life27 says:

    FB name Shelley Johnson

    My favorite night out beauty trick is a smokey eye and a sexy dress.

  86. Bea says:

    Hi BettyConfidential. My name on FB is Betty..:)I like smokey eyes for a nite out. I would love to win the goodie bag!!! Luv the Oscars..can’t wait for the Red Carpet.

  87. superdumb says:


    Drink one glass of water for every alcoholic beverage.

  88. beckkek says:

    My facebook name: Becky
    My favorite “night out” beauty trick: matte red lipstick with a dab of shimmer right in the middle of my bottom lip. This look dazzles everyone!

  89. indreams8318 says:

    Facebook name is Sachiko
    i always wear killer heels to make me feel taller and more confident

  90. tkkerr says:

    FB name: Theresa

    I love the catty eyeliner look — I do this by swooping my eyeliner at an upwards angle to my brow!

  91. debrahall1961 says:

    i want to win

  92. rdplatinum says:

    My facebook name is regina. I would wear cat eye makeup with redlipstick

  93. bobisyellow says:

    Facebook name is Cindy Carlson, fav night out beauty trick is the old standby, face powder

  94. peg1 says:

    my name is Peggie I would love the swag bag,can’t wait to see QVC and the awards.Thanks

  95. Fork92 says:

    Lisa: adding some nude colored eye shadow to the top corners of my eyes to look younger and well-rested. A light coat of shimmery red Christian Dior lip gloss makes me look like I’m wearing a full face of makeup. Prep time is 5 minutes or less.

  96. sabrita says:

    I already like you on facebook as Sally Britain. My favorite makeup trick is to line the inside of my top eyelids with a dark waterproof eyeliner pencil. Next I smudge the same liner next to my lashes on the top of the eyelids for a nice smokey eye. This works great for me since my lashes are blond. I use a pinkish flesh tone liner on the inside of my lower lids which makes my eyes look larger and brighter. I apply a subtle dark liner at the base of
    my bottom lashes. Next is mascara-heavier on the top lid and just a tad bit on the bottom. When done it looks fantastic and really makes my eyes pop. Thanks for the fantastic giveaway! Once again Betty-You Rock!

  97. myprayerpillows says:

    My facebook name is Charline. My fave tricks is wearing eye shadow

  98. darbyscloset says:

    I am a friend of yours on facebook!
    My tip is to lightly dust your eyelashes with face powder after you apply primer yet before mascurra. This trick helps to add definition to your lashes. I also recommend wearing in your heels befoe the night out so they can become as comfortable as your fave “go to shoes”…there is nothing worse than throbbing feet!
    darbyscloset at yahoo dot com

  99. darbyscloset says:

    Shoot I forgot to tell you my facebook first name is Darby and I am a follower of yours on Twitter!
    Thanks again,
    darbyscloset at yahoo dot com

  100. tiffduke says:

    Facebook Name Tiffiny Berry Duke!
    I like to wear something that stands out in the dance lights, usually white!

  101. phantom000 says:

    FB Name- Kimberly
    My favorite night out beauty trick is using a great eyeliner that doesn’t fade or smear off and is truly waterproof. The kind that I use is Milani Infinite Liquid Eye Liner. It doesn’t come off unless you take it off with eye makeup remover.

  102. sweetheart4171 says:

    like you on FB (peggy d)

    favorite “night out” trick…mascara!

  103. bkraus says:

    FB name: Barbra
    Night out trick – pink eyeshadow as highlighter and false lashes!

  104. Sock Monkey says:

    -your Facebook first name: Rosemary
    -your favorite “night out” beauty trick: Freshly washed hair! No product, just blow dry with my head upside-down for volume.
    I also swear by a subtle application of Benefit “Girl Meets Pearl” highlighter on my jawline and cheekbones to give my face “stucture”…then I carefully create a frame for my face using Tarte “Amazonian Clay Waterproof Brow Mousse” that I bought from QVC (this is the best brow product I have ever used).
    I am a newb to QVC, but I love that site!
    Good luck to all. Whoever wins the VIP gift bag is going to be SOOOOOO happy.

  105. aromaworks says:

    My facebook name is Jamie Ferrari. I love the loot the stars are given just when they are able to purchase it for themselves. As of late a good night for me is a comfy pillow and my TV remote control. And of course my sweet dog Louis, a tiny little friend who believes he’s my conjoined twin. But if I won such a fabulous swag bag, my night out would involve a killer pair of lashes “out to there!” and a sweet little sparkly clutch, oh my! Thanks Betty. XO

  106. FunGal says:

    FB name-Ali Ku
    Night out trick is wearing comfortable shoes! That way you can party longer!!

  107. Bessamy says:

    Facebook first name is Bessamy.
    Favorite trick is to curl my lashes. It makes your eyes look brighter!

  108. klf113 says:

    My FB First name is Kristen…I like you on FB AND follow on Twitter :)
    My favorite “night out” beauty trick is black eyeliner, kinda thick on the top lid with a teensie bit of a cat eye look on the ends. I

  109. rrshep says:

    Facebook first name: Rita
    For a night out, I use some loose gold powder over my checks and eyelids for glitter and shine.

  110. imnkognito says:

    Facebook name: Robyn

    My night out trick is to use a mascara base under my mascara and then line them with waterproof eyeliner, I also like to stick tiny swarovski crystals on my lashes for extra special occaisions

  111. rmgm says:

    Like you on FB
    First Name – Melisa
    Night Out trick – long dark lashes – They make you look awake and ready even if it is late and you are getting tired. Looking ready is half the battle!
    Following you on twitter (@rmgm)
    Posting to articles too!

  112. bikes6 says:

    Facebook name: Laurie
    Mission at hand: Winning this terrific, incredible, once in a lifetime series of goodies that any girl would be lucky and happy to win!! Good luck to all!!

  113. littlequeenie29 says:

    My name is Vicki and I already “like” you on Facebook.
    My favorite beauty trick for nights out is to do the makeup more dramatic. During the day it is light but at night I do everything darker.

  114. dreamer365 says:

    Facebook name – Susan

    night out tip – bring my fave long scarf, can be worn as a light shawl, or around my waist as an accessory!

  115. carrieobrien says:

    My facebook first name is carrie. My beauty trick is spread the foundation on like spackle, put on the girdle and ignore the throbbing pain your feet are suffering from the hot cha chas!

  116. txterri says:

    FB first name: TxTerri
    twitter: @TxTerriSweeps
    Tip: Get your beauty sleep the night before.

  117. carolynishis says:

    My facebook name is Carolyn Barnett.
    My beauty trick for night out is the new liquid face powder.Love it!

  118. kapumaka says:

    My facebook name is Kapumaka

  119. writingwit says:



  120. kapumaka says:

    Aloha ~ My face book name is Kapumaka

    My favorite beauty trick is putting on big
    lashes and batting my eyes !
    Love your site !!!

  121. elisse says:

    Facebook name: Elisse
    My fave “night-out beauty trick” is to actually wear makeup (LOL), and blow & iron my hair straight & shiny (which takes forever, but which my husband prefers to my natural “wild and curly” look!)

  122. icefairy says:

    My Facebook name is Bing. My favorite night out beauty trick is smoky eyes

  123. icefairy says:

    Follow you on Twitter (@luckytoddler)

  124. uraqt1053 says:

    FBName: eiren
    Night out trick is LOTs of water during the day and vitamin b in the afternoon!

  125. calky00 says:

    FB name is Karla.
    These boots are made for walking, and that’s just what I’ll do!!! :)

  126. calky00 says:

    FB name is Karla.
    Two-Faced wrinkle injection, it’s an extreme wrinkle filler and it’s a great beauty trick!!

  127. elisse says:

    I follow you on Twitter, too: @elkhorninn

  128. PTORPEY says:

    1 hour and ten minutes, I’m counting down til the oscars begin…Phyllis always wear mascara

  129. indian67 says:

    FB name ritakn
    i would love to win that swag bag , i go out in jeans and t;shirts.

  130. wbrotherton says:

    Facebook Name is Wendy Brotherton.
    Watching the Academy Awards is the best. A great time to watch the fashion and style.
    Boots are stylish for work or having fun on the weekend!!

  131. kagate says:

    FB name is Kathy
    Use a bit of shine and sparkle to keep you glowing all night!

  132. mojomillie5 says:

    Kristan – Curl the eyelashes to open the eyes.

  133. abitnerdy says:

    FB Name: Melissa T -agentnerdy
    My night out tip is lining the bottom lashes with gold shimmer eyeshadow and the inner corner of the eyes with a little bit of glitter to light up your eyes and and add a pretty sparkle :)

  134. beth_w737 says:

    My facebook name is Beth, and my fav night out beauty trick is to do a dramatic eye shadow/liner…I like the Laura Mercier ‘tightlining’ technique, it looks great

  135. LuckyTJG says:

    Facebook first name – Tammy
    My fave beauty trick for a great night out is to spray my best eau de parfume into my hair before walking out the door. My man loves it!

  136. lydia66 says:

    I follow you on Facebook (Lydia A.)! My fave night out trick is definitely smokey eyes and long lashes!

  137. lydia66 says:

    I follow you on Twitter – @princessla66.

  138. lydia66 says:

    I commented on Love This: 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils 15 Year Anniversary Collection.

  139. lydia66 says:

    I commented on Sky High: 10 Best Platforms for Spring.

  140. lydia66 says:

    I commented on 10 Items to Spring-ify Your Wardrobe.

  141. Prixzip says:

    FB First Name: Cathy
    I mix a homemade facial of 3 egg whites plus 3 TBSP of carrot juice, apply with cotton balls and leave on for 15 min, rinse and apply my makeup. It’s fantastic! Provides a glow for several days.

  142. hofken says:

    I Like you on Facebook – Cynthia M Richardson
    My favorite “night out” beauty trick is to intensify the colors a bit – use a wet brush to apply eye color.

  143. ckatanick says:

    Facebook: Cecelia

    I would share all the goodies with a few of my lady friends when we go out and tip our glasses to Betty!!!

  144. moonshadow43 says:

    FB name is Sheree
    My favorite night out beauty tip is just plenty of rest before hand and drink plenty of water and take a couple of aspirin.

  145. bethm says:

    Facebook first name is Beth. I always love wearing heels out … I don’t get to wear them on a day-to-day basis so this is when I do!

  146. dmason48 says:

    My Facebook name is Diane.
    My favorite night-out beauty trick is to wear flats… have to be comfortable.

  147. Bea says:

    My FB name is Betty.I love QVC. I think red lips is sexy for nite out! Would love to win this goodie bag. I follow BettyConfidential on Facebook.

  148. momsterof3 says:

    I don’t have any secret tricks, I just try to be clean and natural. Wearing makeup so it doesn’t look like your wearing it…simple, soft hair style with no hard crunch to it or harsh smells like hair spray..

  149. lindacarol6 says:

    my f name is lindacarol

    my fav night out trick is to cut out the caffiene a few days beforehand and drinks logs of lemon water to de puff myself

    love the bag!

  150. atticeyewear says:

    I would make these boots for walking that’s just what I’d do….

  151. fearless says:

    kathy I wear my blue contacts to bring out my eye color

  152. hotball28bc says:

    I would love to win this swag bag with all the amazing gifts.

  153. styleezta says:

    My facebook name is Melissa.
    Night out beauty trick is primer to make the makeup last longer. :)
    I follow on twitter

  154. mixie3stp says:

    My facebook name is rachel.

    My favorite night out trick is my hair extensions and lash extensions!

  155. sidneyanne says:

    Facebook name Sidney. I really need this!!!

  156. suyoong says:

    FB First Name: Su

    Lotsa mascara and dashing eyeliner with a sparkle of gorgeous dark brown eyeshadow. purrr. sexy. and tight body fitting dress up to the knees. and a hint of lip gloss.

  157. suyoong says:

    FB First Name: Su

    Lotsa mascara and dashing eyeliner with a sparkle of gorgeous dark brown eyeshadow. purrr. sexy. and tight body fitting dress up to the knees. and a hint of lip gloss.

  158. suyoong says:

    FB First Name: Su

    Lotsa mascara and dashing eyeliner with a sparkle of gorgeous dark brown eyeshadow. purrr. sexy. and tight body fitting dress up to the knees. and a hint of lip gloss.

  159. sugarhigh says:

    My FB name is Emily. My fave “night out” beauty trick is to put a touch of gold glitter over my smokey eye-makeup, then add two applications of mascara to make my eyes really stand out.

  160. velder dixon says:

    velder tweedy dixon(my night out is keep in my puse a nice lip gloss)for touch up

  161. spiceyoung says:

    FB: Ginger Brown-Young

    Night out tip: wear what makes you feel gorgeous!

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