Win It! $150 SpaFinder Gift Card, Courtesy of 'GCB!'

GCB Commandment Number Four: Remember the Spa Day and keep it holy - with this fab [NUMBER] SpaFinder gift card!

Win It! $150 SpaFinder Gift Card, Courtesy of ‘GCB!’

GCB Commandment Number Four: Remember the Spa Day and keep it holy – with this fab $150 SpaFinder gift card!

-The Betty Editors


Bettys, did you catch the series premiere of the hilarious new ABC show GCB on March 4? If you didn’t, you missed something special and you definitely owe it to yourself to catch up on it. Starring Leslie Bibb, Kristin Chenoweth, Jennifer Aspen, Miriam Shor, Marisol Nichols and Annie Potts, GCB follows Amanda Vaughn (Bibb), who, 20 long years ago, was the queen bee of Dallas. Now she’s back, and it’s payback for being an original mean girl. Will the good women of her hometown welcome her with open arms, or preach the golden rule while stabbing her in the back? Catch a hilarious clip from the first episode here!

Like what you see? Head on over to to catch up on the full episode and more!

Naturally, since these ladies are from Texas, you don’t mess with them—or with their 10 very special GCB Commandments. After all, if you going to survive in this world, you’re going to need some rules to live by. Want to be a GCB? Here are your commandments:

1. Thou shalt add bling to everything.

2. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s husband… unless he’s really hot.

3. Thou shalt love a “C” cup, unless you fit into a “D” cup.

4. Remember the Spa Day and keep it holy.

5. Thou shalt know it’s wrong to expose your thong.

6. Honor thy manis and pedis.

7. Thou shalt not bear false designer labels.

8. Thou shat not wear it if it’s under a carat.

9. Thou shalt match the volume of thy hair to the size of thy handbag.

10. Thou shalt not mess with Texas.

Our favorite commandment? Number four. Spa Day certainly IS holy, and we all must observe it in the proper fashion. And guess what? In order to help you adhere to Commandment Number Four (and all the other GCB Commandments), the GCBs have a gift card for you! We’re giving away this fab prize worth $150 so you can observe Spa Day and be the GCB you’ve always known you are.

Here’s how it works:

One (1) winner will receive one (1) gift card worth $150.

To enter:

1. First, “like” BettyConfidential on Facebook. Because you’re awesome and we’re awesome and clearly we both need to be awesome in the same place.

2. Then, go to THIS BETTYTALK ROOM and tell us: Which of the 10 GCB Commandments do you consider the most “holy” and why?

***To increase your chances of winning, you can follow @BettyBuzz on Twitter and leave a comment on any style+beauty article.***

That’s it! Don’t forget to catch GCB on ABC Sundays at 10pm EST or online at!

Good luck!


The giveaway runs from 3/6/2012 until Friday 3/23/2012 at 9 a.m. EST. The winners will be notified via a private message to your BettyConfidential profile. Winners have 24 hours to reply to the private message. Remember to allow for private messages for your BettyConfidential profile or we can’t contact you! Meet some of our past giveaway winners HERE! Giveaway rules.

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  1. Thou Shall NOT bear (Bare?) False Designer Labels! For sure not, this is one of the sinful of all, except for of course, keeping Spa Day Holy. These crack me up and so very true. @JKFerrari on twitter. xox

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