Win It: $100 Sears Gift Card

How would you reinvent your style if you won this gift card?

Win It: $100 Sears Gift Card!

How would you reinvent your style if you won this gift card?

 -PJ Gach


New Year and a new you! 2011 is here and it’s time to shed old styles and try new ones. Don’t forget cute accessories like shoes, bags and belts. If you’re like the rest of us, you’re watching your pennies. Your pennies will go far this weekend at the Sears Family and Friends sale.

You could pick up Rihanna’s look for less at the sale!

Canyon River thermal top ($14.99,

canyon river thermal top

 Dollhouse skinny Jeans ($15,

dollhouse skinny jeans

 Joe Boxer knit loop scarf ($24,

joe boxer knit loop scarf

Canyon River Blues Taylor boots ($27.99,

canyon river blues taylor boots

Sears has just given us one (1) gift card worth $100! We’re going to give it away to one very lucky BettyConfidential reader. To win, please register at BettyTalk and tell us what would you buy for your fashion makeover if you won this gift card?

To increase your chances of wining, please follow us on twitter and like us at Facebook and please leave a comment on any style or beauty article.

The winner will be notified via a private message to their BettyConfidential profile.

Meet some of our past contest winners HERE!

You can read BettyConfidential’s official giveaway rules here.

The promotion will run from January 6, 2011 11 a.m. EST to January 20, 2011 11 a.m. EST.

PJ Gach is the Senior Editor: Style + Beauty at BettyConfidential.

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0 thoughts on “Win It: $100 Sears Gift Card

  1. contestgrl says:

    Since I’ll be starting a new job soon, I would buy a couple of items for work. My previous job allowed me to wear jeans but this one is different, so I have got to up the wardrobe.

  2. paultag says:

    I’d love to buy a couple of kiddie cd players for our three year old
    granddaughter, one for her bedroom to have lullaby’s play at night and one for the living room when she does her dancing during the day!

  3. bluberri says:

    I’d buy a hot new clutch some great darkwash skinny jeans & and a scoop neck peasant top!

  4. bdennis says:

    focusing on wardrobe, I need a stylish scarf and professional looking boots. Just had an office conversation and everyone agreed that UGGs made the wearers look like teens. Of course, it depends on where you work and what the dress code is.
    tweeted and shared on FB

  5. Lotuscheek says:

    A new trench coat for winter winds coming!

  6. jcleathers57 says:

    A new pair of jeans and top to fit me since I have gained a little extra weight.

  7. meonha26 says:

    It will be a nice gift for a New Year !!!

  8. supermax says:

    It will be a nice gift for a New Year !

  9. Julica says:

    I would revamp by getting a few dress up/dress down dresses, a few hair accessories and maybe a couple jewelry items. Make everything mix and match to go with what I already have Then tada! A couple pairs of leggings in cool patterns can stretch a wardrobe a good way too!

  10. deborahlewis says:

    I would love to start off with a new looks from Sears. I really love scarves and the one that is posted is beautiful. I must go to sears an buy that, but the gift card would definetly help in purchasing new clothes.

  11. suezh says:

    I could really use some new jeans.

  12. chrissy24 says:

    Well, i would start with getting me some new accessories and jewelery.some sexy jeans and a nice shirt :)

  13. erdmann says:

    I would buy a great new pair of boots for Winter and some nice fitting jeans.

  14. SassyJ725 says:

    I would take my neighbor who was recently hired and help get her some new outfits and shoes for her new job. I will pay the extra overage that the card does not cover.

  15. kagate says:

    I would buy one of each-the top, skinny jeans, scarf, and boots. Although I am in my sixties, this outfit will make me feel younger!

  16. scloud3 says:

    I would love to start the new school semester with a couple of new outfits just started back teaching and my wardrobe sucks

  17. tinagrey says:

    I need bras , I’d buy sexy bras , skinny jeans , & chocolate candy from the counter if I have money left over, matching underwear , you never know , just in you’re in accident , & single – like me always wear sexy underwear ,who knows the underwear I buy with this gift card might help me find mr .right ;)

  18. rosemarytodasco says:

    good luck

  19. RVAfashionista says:

    I’d buy some new boots that are cute enough to wear to my creative, casual office but comfortable enough to commute in!

  20. lruss4 says:

    I would go with a JLo look

  21. kwils says:

    I love the canyon River Boots showing above. That would be a good start. :)

  22. hotball28bc says:

    I’d buy a new pair of jeans and a lovely sweater

  23. BARBIEFAN says:

    I worked for the same company for 15years, which had a uniform; so all I owned were a few jeans and t-shirts. But I want to change fields to an office where I need slacks, skirts, and blouses, etc.

  24. tracylr says:

    I would get a nice new purse and a fun and cute weekend outfit!

  25. myfreetime says:

    I could use some new clothes, seems like I always buy for my daughter and not for myself.

  26. carolynishis says:

    I would love to win.This would mean a great birthday for my 19 year old daughter. Thanks for the chance.I am commenting.

  27. pattycakes1 says:

    I would like to update my look by getting some new scarves and a great fitting pair of jeans. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  28. OiOi says:

    I would pick up shoes for me and my son. Thank you!

  29. Bea says:

    I would love to buy new shoes and new accessories to update my wardrobe and start 2011 looking good. Thanks Betty for this chance to win! PS Im also a Betty..haha

  30. poisonsix9 says:

    I would buy a sexy, new pair of boots to jazz up my winter wardrobe!

  31. enizete says:

    Wow!, I can get a complete wardrobe with that. I will be set for spring…great jeans, love the scarf

  32. fearless says:

    would buy baby things for a friend that can use it

  33. serenitey says:

    I just lost some weight so I need some new jeans.

  34. rrshep says:

    I love your fashion choices from Sears. Hope I win so I can try some of them.

  35. roxie says:

    I have not had any new clothes in a long time I am not looking for pity I just want to be able to go around my grown children and not embarass them I would use the gift card very wisely and count on the sales person to help me pick out stylish clothes

  36. Gugy says:

    I could really use some new clothes. I haven’t been shopping for myself (embarrassilingly)in years. I would love to buy some nice pants and a blouse and shoes.

  37. simplydab says:

    I’d get a couple of sweaters – all mine are too big (I mean, really too big!). I like you on Facebook, and I follow you on Twitter.

  38. TACODA says:

    For my fashion makeover I would buy some of the cutest baby clothes Sears has to offer.I just found out today I’m going to be a Gramma!

  39. acrook says:

    I would get some new sunglasses. My kids always break mine.

  40. weeziestoy says:

    I really need new boots…

  41. mar10 says:

    I love to shop everywhere and sears is one of them places!!

  42. Marroll says:

    First, I’d trash all the mens clothing that I have to wear because I’m tall and thin (34length/Size 8) since no one made/makes woman’s clothing (until just recently) to fit me! I’ve been wearing boys and mens clothes ALL my life because of my size. Then, I’d be able to have any clothes that I buy, WOMEN’s clothes, altered to fit my body for once in my life! Then, since I promised my husband YEARS ago that I would NEVER cut my hair…and, since we haven’t been able to afford it since 2002, I’d go to a salon and have my hair…updated…for lack of better words(yes Honey, Still Long!). I’d also find shoes to FIT my style instead of settling for any shoe that I can find that fits! I wear 11 wides. Yes, I’d make myself into a WOMAN for the first time in my life! (I’m 49.9 years old)!

  43. rosemarytodasco says:

    Need new clothing………..

  44. hobbitjean says:

    Lost a lot of weight need new clothes so I would buy Underwear LOTS of underwear esp bras

  45. k39c says:

    I would buy new workout clothes.

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