Why You Shouldn't Fake Orgasms

You can improve your sex life by telling the truth and not faking your orgasms.
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Why You Shouldn’t Fake Orgasms

You can improve your sex life by telling the truth.

Charles J. Orlando

Faking an orgasm

So many men just don’t seem to get it about women, and most seem to have their masculinity attached to the wrong things in life. I would venture that the main reason men have penises is so they can hold the source of their egos and their insecurities in one hand… at the same time. That said, most expect to be—or think they already are—great in bed. But what they don’t realize is that not all women are telling them the truth.

In a recent poll, nearly 80% of women admitted to faking orgasms to speed up their partner’s ejaculation, because the were bored, tired or in a rush… and 87% of women polled said they exaggerate sexual pleasure to “be nice” and boost their partner’s self-esteem. I followed up with a few hundred women and found that these statistics are not only accurate, they are accepted and expected. The interesting thing was that many of these women said they felt sneaky… like they were pulling one over on the guys. But I asked them plainly, “If you aren’t getting yours in bed, who’s the real loser?” No one had an answer.

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Too many men think they have women figured out in bed. But what most men seem to forget is that what feels good to one woman isn’t going to feel good to them all. Moreover, what works for her one night may not work the next night (read: Monday she likes it aggressive, Tuesday she wishes you would light candles and “be gentle”, Wednesday she wants it in a public place)… and she may not even know why.  After two kids and many years of being with the same woman, I’ve come to realize five things: 

1. Women need to stop faking it. They are lying to themselves and insulting their partners… and the women are the ones that are being cheated—and they’re cheating themselves! Sex is NOT “something a wife does to satisfy her man” (and if I’ve heard that once on my Facebook Fan Page, I’ve heard it 100 times). If a woman is afraid/concerned that she is going to hurt a man’s ego by telling him he’s not doin’ it for her in bed, I can understand that. Find a way to phrase it that doesn’t stomp on his ego. Teach him what works for you… even if it’s during the act. (And stop being concerned that he’s going to take what you teach him and use it with someone else. If he’s gonna do that, he’ll do it whether you teach him or not.)

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