Why Everyone Can Tell You're Having an Ugly Day – And How to Cure It!

Four things women do that lets everyone know we'd prefer to spend the day with a paper bag over our head.

Why Everyone Can Tell You’re Having an Ugly Day – And How to Cure It!

Four things women do that lets everyone know we’d prefer to spend the day with a paper bag over our head.

-Julia Austin

paper bag ugly day

An off day—you know when you’re having one. You could swear some of the blood has been drained from your cheeks, that slight double chin you (think) you have has totally pouched out and your hair just looks dull even though you got new highlights yesterday. Ugly days do exist. They’re not all (completely) in your head. You can tell the little differences between the days you are totally radiant and the days on which, if you were a celebrity, Star Magazine would have a field day with you in their “scary pics of celebs without makeup” section. Megan Fox can look like a premature baby bird and some days I look just like Bilbo Baggins. On these days, it’s easy to want to hole up. It’s a shame though, because honestly, no one else really sees it. No one else scrutinizes every centimeter of your face for hours the way you do in the mirror.

If other people are aware of your “ugly day”, it’s only because they can tell that you feel that way. Here are four dead giveaways – and what to do to overcome them and turn your ugly day in to a great day. Yeah, a lot of this may sound shallow, but so what? Sometimes you have to work from the outside in.

1. You Don’t Look People In The Eyes
Whether we realize it or not, when we feel ugly, we avoid eye contact with people. We stare at the ground, or out the window, and that only leads people to wonder, “what the hell’s the matter with her? Is she hiding something?” and then they actually do scrutinize you.

THE FIX: If you’re feeling ratty, stare people right in the eye. That intense eye contact will override the fact that your skin looks a little dull today. Eye contact tells someone that you have something about you that they should want to know about.

2. You Laugh Less
Unfortunately, our entire ego for the day is usually determined by how we feel about our physical appearance. We feel worthy of things—of attention, of conversation, of enjoyment of life—when we feel beautiful. We want to smile and laugh and be loud because we are proud to be looked at. When women feel ugly, we tend to laugh less and just generally try to not draw attention to ourselves. But if a totally hysterical guy is somehow failing to pull a good cackle out of you, he is going to think something is wrong with you that day, and pay even closer attention to you.

THE FIX: Everyone deserves to laugh, and so do you on your ugly days! It makes you prettier and more attractive because everyone is drawn to someone who enjoys life. So how to laugh? Force yourself to put the focus on the people around you, and off of yourself. Or spend 10 minutes looking up funny videos on YouTube, or Google “Will Farrell,” or call your best friend and ask her to tell you the story of that crazy time you guys spent three hours getting ready and then never left the house. Seriously. Lighten up, Francis! You’ll be in a better mood, and you’ll look even more beautiful for it.

3. You Wear Looser Clothing
Even if it’s not your body, but your face that you’re feeling insecure about, women will often resort to their giant grandpa cardigans on their blah days. Generally, we think, what’s the point of showing my awesome cleavage if the bags under my eyes are just going to send every guy running anyways. Ok—seriously? Never will a good rack send a guy running. Even if you’re looking a little drained today, do you really think showing off a great body will actually highlight the fact that you’re looking a little tired or pale? No way.

THE FIX: Face not so great today? Let your body do the talking. And – on the flip side … Feeling bloated? Put some pretty lipstick on and spend extra time with your hair.

4. The Hair Knot

Not even just a messy bun. I’m talking about the little ball that women ravel their hair up into on top of their head on their “ugly” days. It’s like “that’s it, there is nothing I can do for myself. I’m just going to become a cafeteria lady and call it a day.” No, no, no. The hair knot is one of the biggest tell-tale signs that a woman just thinks she has no chance of being found attractive that day. No one is asking you out for a spur-of-the-moment happy hour cocktail with that cylindrical fur ball over your forehead. That just screams, “Leave me alone! I’m only out in the world to buy a tub of ice cream and then I’m holing back up!” 

THE FIX: Avoid the hair knot. At all costs.

I know that “ugly days” are a real thing. But no one needs to know when you’re having one. Just avoid these common habits that give it all away – and in the end, you can overcome your ugly days. Put some extra effort into your appearance and your actions when you’re feeling Frankenstein-like, and you’ll make yourself feel BETTER, not worse. Because there really is truth to the old adage – fake it ’till you make it.

Julia Austin is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles. She covers travel, lifestyle and love+sex for a number of media outlets including Discovery’s PlanetGreen, LipGlossCulture.com, and QuickieChick.com, a site dedicated to giving busy women quick and easy workouts, recipes and lifestyle tips to better their body and mood. When she isn’t writing she is planning her next trip or sharing dating stories with her friends at happy hour.

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