Who Needs a Red Carpet? How to Prep for a Big Night Out

6 tips for getting ready for your next event -- whether it's a date night, girl's night, or wedding!
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Who Needs a Red Carpet? How to Prep for a Big Night Out

6 tips for getting ready for your next event — whether it’s a date night, girl’s night, or wedding!

-April Daniels Hussar, sponsored by Simple Skincare

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Celebs on the red carpet have a LOT of help getting gorgeous — you think Charlize Theron woke up looking the way she did at the MTV Movie Awards the other night? No, she did not. But that doesn’t mean you need a professional makeup and hair team (not to mention amazing lighting and post-production magic) to look especially gorgeous for any event you have coming up — whether it’s a big work function, a hot date, a girl’s night out on the town, or a wedding where you know you’re going to run into your ex-boyfriend (we’ll show him!).

Here are some of my tips for prepping for a big night out — no red carpet needed.

A few days before …

– Be prepared! That’s right — like a good little scout, it pays to plan ahead. On a recent Friday night, I had a SUPER fun and truly glitzy event to go to. I managed to organize a babysitter in advance, but somehow a whole week flew by without me having time to think about what I was going to wear. Friday after work, I was so exhausted from the week that I barely had the energy to take a shower — let alone magically procure something amazing from my closet. I was so mad at myself — if only I had just taken some time during the week to borrow a dress or go shopping! Instead, I was flustered, tired, grouchy AND HAD NOTHING TO WEAR. No fun!

It’s worth taking the time to organize a fab outfit in advance so you can enjoy getting ready. Instead of spending precious flat-iron time rooting through drawers for that black bra that’s actually sitting in the bottom of your laundry hamper – while your skin gets all blotchy and angry at you from the stress and aggravation. Trust me — I speak from experience.

– Watch your “diet.” No — I’m not advocating starving yourself before a big event. But, be sensible — drink lots of water and avoid high-sodium food. Staying hydrated is key for great skin, and too much sodium really does make a difference! I wish that I had a photo of the time I had some really super-salty pizza and woke up the next day looking like I’d been stung by a couple of bees — and not in a cute Rene Zellweger way either.

– Pamper your skin. Earlier in the week is the time to do any facials or out of the ordinary treatments. Stick with facial skincare products and treatments that you have TRIED BEFORE AND LIKE!

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