What's On Your Holiday Wish List? Here's What's On Ours!

'Tis the season to give- AND to recieve. Here's what we're wishing for this year!

What’s On Your Holiday Wish List? Here’s What’s On Ours!

‘Tis the season to give- AND to recieve. Here’s what we’re wishing for this year!

-The Bettys

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Happy December, everyone! We don’t know about you, but we’re already deep in the throes of holiday gift shopping. That doesn’t mean that we haven’t stopped to take a few minutes to make some wish lists of our own, though! It may be better to give that to receive, but receiving is pretty great, too. From mouse-free apartments to time machines, here are the things we’re wishing for this year. What’s on your holiday wish list?

Heather Taylor, L.A. correspondent:

1. No more student loan debt! Or to wake up to find that a nice donor had paid it all off for me. Either would be fine.

2. Fully furnished and already-paid-for apartments in London and San Francisco.

3. The London apartment needs to have as many hot single British guys as neighbors as possible. Note: they can also relocate to live by the SF apartment too. Or my actual apartment in LA.

4. A gift card to Kate Spade that never, ever runs out of money!

5. Happiness! And a best-selling novel… but happiness, overall!

April Daniels Hussar, executive editor:

1. Here’s my super extravagant / not gonna happen but a girl can dream pick: A Sydney Evan “love” necklace in rose gold with pave diamonds. I have seen these necklaces in person and they are exquisite. Just the right little size, but oh soooo sparkley. Sigh! ($840, sydneyevan.com)

love necklace

2. A digital SLR camera. I actually don’t have any idea what kind — I guess part of the gift would be doing the research to find out what a good option would be for someone who loves to take photos but needs to learn how to do a better job, with a better tool than her iPhone!

3. Lest you think me totally crass and materialistic, I would also love to “receive” anything from the Heifer International catalog. A flock of geese or ducks, a goat or a hive of honeybees donated in my name to a struggling family to help them out of hunger and poverty … well, Virginia, that’s worth a million beautiful necklaces and fancy cameras.

Lucia Peters, associate editor.

1. A TARDIS so I can travel through time and space. Preferably with a Doctor inside it, though I’m not picky about which Doctor.

2. If a TARDIS can’t be acquired, this Ride-In Dalek will do.

3. A recycled book purse. I’m more of a messenger bag girl myself, but who could resist a purse made out of a recycled copy of Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales?

Book purse

4. Theatrical real estate, bought and paid for. Who wants to start a theatre company with me?

PJ Gach, Senior Editor, style + beauty:

1. A mouse-less apartment. I have one mouse living under my stove. I didn’t think my cooking was that good.

2. George Clooney under the menorah. Why do I want to date him? He doesn’t want to get married and he’s not fond of kids. He just likes dating and relationships- my kind of man.

3. A year’s worth of sexy lingerie. A girl needs a few little lacy somethin’ somethin’s in her wardrobe.

4. My own neutrinos. They have replaced quarks in my heart. Sorry, quarks, but you guys are just too fickle.

5. The ability to fly.


Diana Denza, contributor:

1. A cell phone that works. My piece of junk has a mind of its own- It shuts off mid-conversation, the screen goes neon at random (I’m serious!), and it’s about 2 lbs. heavier than everyone else’s sleek new cell. At this point, I don’t even care what I get, just as long as it’s halfway decent.

2. An apartment that cleans itself and does my laundry. I’d pay anything. Please!

3. Pain-free heels. Sadly, I have flat feet and everything above an inch kills. Give me the 4-inch pumps without the pain, Santa!

Nalissa Cuthbert, contributor:

1. A visit from my family. Florida feels like another continent during the holidays.

2. A New York City apartment with Kanye West as my doorman. Imagine how fun that would be!

3. More shoes!

Tell us: What’s on your wish list this year?

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