What You Can Learn About a Guy by His Shoes

Could his footwear be the key to his personality?

What You Can Learn About a Guy by His Shoes

Could his footwear be the key to his personality?

-PJ Gach

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We women love shoes. We have shoes for every mood and occasion. We don’t think it’s odd to buy four pairs of black shoes in one shopping spree. In our minds, they’re all different, even though they’re the same color. We know what it means when our friends wear flats or dazzling red heels. We can size up work competition by simply glancing at their feet. So why aren’t we doing the Sherlock Holmes thing when it comes to guys and shoes?

I’ve whipped up a quick handy-dandy guide to figuring out what men are like based on their footwear. It’s not scientific and it’s definitely tongue in cheek.


Call them kicks, trainers, high-tops, whatever you call them; they’re really just an athletic shoe. If a guy wears them 24/7 it could be that he’s a jock. Or he’s a jock wannabe. Or has really bad feet. Don’t be around him when he takes off his sneakers, you could pass out.

Wing Tips

He likes money. A guy who wears Wing Tip shoes is in a buttoned down industry like finance, banking, insurance or any field where they talk in hushed tones and fling millions around like popcorn. If your guy wear these shoes, he’s a very serious guy. If he wears them with jeans, well, either he doesn’t have any fashion sense (you can help him with that) or he’s really, and I do mean really, buttoned up.

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Boat Shoes/Moccasins

If his first name is Chip, Skip or a relative’s last name, you’re dealing with a preppy. Preppy guys have great smiles. They’re charming, funny, dress funny. Yeah, I’m serious, have you seen the embroidered lobster pants they’ll wear during the summer. And they’re really cheap. They don’t carry much money, preferring to borrow things for friends for amusements. Okay, these things could be yachts, summer houses or planes. Not a bad deal.

 Cowboy Boots

If he’s a genuine cowboy working on a ranch, they’re cool. If he’s a country singer, they’re cool. If he works for an insurance company and cows make sneeze, he’s still a little kid inside.

Motorcycle Boots

He drives a motorcycle, speaks five languages, is math whiz, practices Shaolin Kung Fu, and is independently wealthy, incredibly kind and a great kisser. Oh, right, that doesn’t exist. Um, he wears moto boots because he’s got a bike. He wears moto boots because he’s into heavy metal. Or he just likes them.


He’s Chip’s/Skip’s cousin and works for the family firm. He works out a lot and has a great butt.

Trendy Shoes

He knows the names of more shoe designers than you can dream of. The moment a new style or trend hits, he’s the first one to buy them. His shoes will always look better than yours. His wardrobe will always be better than yours. He knows the best brunch places in town. His apartment is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. He did it himself. He knows all the right people. Oh, and he’s gay.

Tell us: Do you check out guys shoes?

PJ Gach is Senior Editor: Style + Beauty at BettyConfidential.

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