What To Wear To A Job Interview

BettyConfidential's no-fail guide to getting hired, or at least making a great first impression.
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What To Wear To A Job Interview

BettyConfidential’s no-fail guide to getting hired, or at least making a great first impression.

-Rebecca Daly

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Ah, the job interview. – It’s a nerve-wrackingly small amount of time in where convey your competence, experience, and personality to potential employers. With unemployment still at a staggering high, the competition for employers’ attention is fierce. What’s the quickest way to make a great impression? Walk in looking perfectly polished, confident, and stylish – back that up with your killer resume and the job is practically in the bag. Here are 5 tips (and 10 pieces) to see you through a whole string of interviews, from an art gallery in Chelsea to a corner office at the firm. 

1. Cover your basics.

If there is one item every woman should own, it’s a black pencil skirt. Sure, pant suits come in and out of vogue, and there are plenty of cute prints out there, but a black pencil skirt is eternally stylish, figure flattering, and can be paired with anything from a sequin top to a button down and blazer depending on what kind of job you’re applying for. Invest a little in this key piece and have it tailored – it will add that little je ne sais quois of perfection, and you’ll wear it again and again.

Newport News pencil skirt ($49, newport-news.com)

Newport News pencil skirt

Moschino C&C black pencil skirt ($215, stylebop.com)

Moschino C&C black pencil skirt

2. Tailor your image.

Think about the company and position you are applying for, and dress the part. A financial office with a daily business dress code would surely expect you to come to the interview appropriately attired in a suit. A fashion magazine or an art gallery, which typically have a dress code of whatever-is-in-right-now, wouldn’t even give an applicant in a boring old suit a second glance, much less a job. At either extreme, or in the middle, inject a bit of your own personal style. Pull on a crisp blazer in a longer, trendy length with your pencil skirt for a suit look. Or pair a sequin cami and your skirt for a more relaxed, fashion-forward interview. Remember to tuck the cami into your skirt.

Rebecca Taylor twisted top ($74.25, planetblue.com)

Rebecca Taylor twisted top

Boden Boyfriend blazer ($168, Bodenusa.com)

Boden Boyfriend blazer

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5 thoughts on “What To Wear To A Job Interview

  1. I completely agree about not wearing perfume, although I hadn’t thought of the reason that they might have a bad memory associated with a certain scent. I don’t wear perfume because many people are sensitive and/or have allergic reactions to fragrances (or they might just not like the same scents I do). Stick to deodorant until you know the people and the environment well enough to determine if perfume is acceptable there.

  2. I would not be impressed with an applicant that wore a sequined anything to an interview. Sequines indicate nightlife attitude. Low neck blouses and any heel from 3″ up is not office personnel clothing. Human Resources and supervisors are looking for people who know that to do a good job you need comfortable, modest clothing. Low neck blouses and high heels call attention to your body (the me me factor) not your brains and your ability to work on a team (no I in team).

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