What Real Guys Think Is Sexy

We asked real guys to dish on what clothing they think looks hot on a woman.

What Real Guys Think Is Sexy

We asked real guys to dish on what clothing they think looks hot on a woman.

 - Beata Cherepakhina

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Finding a perfect outfit that is sexy enough to impress a guy and doesn’t cross the line into x-rated land is hard work! I for one have spent countless hours rummaging through my closet trying to find something that’s just the right amount of sexy, but finding this delicate balance has sent me into a minor panic attack more than once. Should I go dressy sexy and wear my little black dress and favorite stilettos? Or should I go casual sexy and throw on my favorite pair of jeans? What look actually embodies “sexy?”

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been whipped into a frenzy trying to figure out which look men find sexiest, so I’ve asked real guys on what outfits they find sexiest on a woman.

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 “For me, it’s a tie between two looks: jeans with tears in them and a form fitting shirt (could be a t-shirt or even a button-down) or a form-fitting skirt (not too long) and a sexy top to match.” –Tom, early 40’s

“I love seeing a woman in a shape-accentuating dress or skirt, like a pencil skirt, with hosiery on her legs, and high heel pumps. It’s a very professional, incredibly sexy look and (that) is what attracted me to my fiancée. I also find khaki cargo pants with three-quarter length legs and either heels or wedge sandals, topped off with a tank top or spaghetti strap shirt, to be sexy. It says this woman is active and ready for an adventure.” –Gary, 45

“I like a girl in a nice simple sundress and flip-flops because it makes her look prettier and isn’t annoyingly fashionable, fancy, or slutty. If a girl can also pull off a hat, she gets major points, because not all girls can wear hats.” -Harry, 20

“I prefer something form fitting. I like a woman in leggings because it shows off her rear end.” –Mike, 21

“I like (it) when a woman wears a dress rather than pants because it shows off her legs. I also think it’s sexier when a woman wears color. It shows that she has a fun personality.” -Igor, 22

“I find a woman dressed in jeans with flip flops and a collared shirt sexy.” –Nick, 24

“I love leggings on a woman because it shows off her curves. When a woman wears high heels it makes her look more feminine and if she has nice legs it really accentuates them.” -Bernie, 22

It seems that most guys find that the sexiest look on a woman is one that shows off her curves and accentuates her legs. So find yourself a great pair of leggings or a chic pencil skirt and don’t be surprised if you start getting even more attention from the opposite sex.

Beata Cherepakhina is a regular contributor to BettyConfidential.

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