What Did You Think of Chris Brown's Michael Jackson Tribute?

The troubled artist attempts a comeback at the BET Awards.

What Did You Think of Chris Brown’s Michael Jackson Tribute?

The troubled artist attempts a comeback at the BET Awards.

-Kathryn H. Cusimano

Chris Brown

Chris Brown was once considered an heir to Michael Jackson’s pop music throne, but sent his career off the rails when he beat up his superstar girlfriend Rihanna last year. But Brown put on his dancing shoes and tried to redeem himself at last night’s BET Awards.

Brown’s performed a tribute to Michael Jackson that was, for the most part, impressive – there’s no denying Brown’s a skilled dancer.

He closed the tribute by attempting to sing “Man In the Mirror,” but broke dramatically down sobbing early in the song, and essentially left the performance to the audience. Maybe I’m a little too cynical, but it seemed like Brown was ultimately more interested in trying to get some sympathy than honoring the King of Pop. It all seemed way too staged to be honest. Check out the video below:

Tell us: Do you think Chris Brown’s tears were real, or was the whole thing just a desperate cry for attention? (PopEater)

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0 thoughts on “What Did You Think of Chris Brown's Michael Jackson Tribute?

  1. little boy is right – he needs to stop trying to grab the spotlight and grab some maturity first – very staged – very calculating, and for that, it seemed phony – using a tribute to Michael Jackson in an attempt to gain brownie points and the spotlight is not the action of a seasoned professional performer –

  2. I can’t believe he’s back on stage after what happened w/Rihanna. What a joke. But then I guess if Charlie Sheen can keep working, anything’s possible.

  3. I think all of yall are wrong. Everyone keep blaming Chris Brown for what happen to Rihanna but no one really knows what happened that night in that car. you are quick to point out that Rihanna was Victimized which is a complete Lie. Now goes for the Michael Jackson Tribute,I thought that was soo sad being that He was banded from the BET awards last year and didnt get to do anything,to top it off he didnt even get to attend MJ funeral,everytime someone asked michael who inspired him,the first person he would say was Michael Jackson so all this critisizing CB is just a bunch of Bull.

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