Watch Neil Patrick Harris Get Tackled By a Fan on 'The Price Is Right'

Neil Patrick Harris got tackled on 'The Price Is Right.' And it's HILARIOUS.

Watch Neil Patrick Harris Get Tackled By a Fan on ‘The Price Is Right’

Neil Patrick Harris got tackled on ‘The Price Is Right.’ And it’s HILARIOUS.

-Lucia Peters

Neil Patrick Harris

Guess what? It’s Celebrity Charity Week on The Price Is Right. You know what that means? That’s right: Neil Patrick Harris. Win!

Neil, suited up as always, looked pretty spiffy when he showed up as one of the celebrity guests featured on the game show this week. What’s Celebrity Charity Week? Simple: All week, celebs have been making surprise appearances on The Price Is Right, co-hosting with Drew Carey and helping out contestants as they play the games that may or may not lead to big prizes for them. The show then matches the contestants’ winnings with donations to a charity of the celebrity’s choosing. Awesome, right?

For his charity, Neil chose the Noreen Fraser Foundation. Noreen, whom Neil calls “an amazing woman,” suffered through breast cancer, survived it, and started a charity geared towards trying to cure it. The cause hits home for Neil; his manager and close friend battled breast cancer, too, so he’s majorly in support of foundations that raise funds to aid research for and awareness about it. Other celebs featured on Celebrity Charity Week included Snoop Dogg, Jenny McCarthy, and Heidi Klum. 

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None of them, however, had quite as spectacular a show as Neil did, mostly due to the contestants’ extreme reactions to seeing Barney Stinson in the flesh. In fact, one of them was so excited about meeting Neil that she actually tackled him—and believe you me when I say that she took him DOWN. And yes, it is absolutely hilarious!

So here you go. The moment to watch for is at roughly the 55-second mark. Happy Friday!

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