Using Adult TV to Teach Kids: One Mom's Shameless Story

Can we find "teachable moments” when little eyes accidentally see mommy's nighttime guilty viewing pleasure?
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Using Adult TV to Teach Kids:  One Mom’s Shameless Story

Can we find “teachable moments” when little eyes accidentally see mommy’s nighttime guilty viewing pleasure?

-Cathy Hale, MommyQ

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Like most parents, when our kids go to bed, we watch our “adult” TV shows. Topping the list for the past few months is the gritty comedic Showtime series, Shameless. We missed the first season, so we’re playing catch-up with Showtime On Demand. And let me tell you, it’s quite a wild ride.

The other night, we were about halfway through an episode when we heard a little noise on the staircase. My husband, who has supersonic hearing, recognized that sound right away. “Hello? Is someone awake?”

A tiny voice quietly answered, “Yes.” It was our 3-year-old son practicing his latest trick, sneaking downstairs after bedtime, silently sitting on the steps out of sight and watching TV through the banister.

My sleepy son casually walked around the sofa and crawled into my husband’s lap. My hubby and I were exchanging the same “please tell me he didn’t see that” glance. My husband quizzed him, “What color was the water the (naked) people were swimming in?”

My son was silent. We sighed with relief. “Blue,” he answered. Great. With the pause button pressed securely in place, I took my son back upstairs, tucked him in and went back downstairs.

We don’t know exactly when my son started watching the show, because he doesn’t weigh enough to trigger our squeaky step, which alerts you someone is descending the staircase. Based on our estimate, he probably saw someone buying a suitcase full of drugs, a non-graphic gay sex scene, a nude couple making out in a swimming pool and a violent scene about a gun that resulted yet another sex scene. Wait a minute, is that the Parents of the Year committee knocking on my front door? Doubtful.

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