Top 6 Celebrity Sex Tapes Ever

Not that we watched the sex tapes starring Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson or other celebs.
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Top 6 Celebrity Sex Tapes Ever

Not that we watched them… ahem.

-Sarah Polonsky

Kim Kardashian

A very naked Kim Kardashian covered in silver paint is about to grace the pages of the upcoming W magazine. We got to thinking—how did the curvaceous Kim get to be so wildly famous? Her whole family is on every other page of every other magazine. It’s the Kardashians on the TV and Internet, in ads and on shows, wearing skintight dresses and covered in thick make-up, all day everyday. Anyone who’s watched these sisters on their show knows they have no recognizable talent. So how did their launch to stardom take off anyway?

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It all began with a sex tape. Kim K followed the path paved by Paris Hilton. Paris pioneered the “art form” of reaping mass amounts of fame from a leaked sex tape, making it laughably easy for Kim to follow in her footsteps. Now Kim and her sisters, with all their exposed flesh and curves, are seemingly taking over the country— or at least it feels that way.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane to see some of the hottest, most scandalous celeb sex tapes to date.

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0 thoughts on “Top 6 Celebrity Sex Tapes Ever

  1. girleegirl says:

    Kid Rock and Scott Stapp.. ewwwww

  2. FASAC says:

    hahahaa, you are too funny..loved the article..

  3. moonbaby1o1 says:

    Scott Stapp is just gross…ehhhhhh…gives me the heeby jeebies!

  4. bgittebardot says:

    Ummm excuse me, Kim Kardashian was the one rumored to have leaked her sex tape not Ray J. Get your facts rights.

  5. cremebrulee67 says:

    I would like a copy of each of these, ha ha!

  6. killerqueen77 says:

    Watching celebs have sex one tape.. Only if my love life were that desperate… I’ll take a big mirror.. or 10 please.

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  9. fastest2 says:

    QUIT SPAMMING! Rawr. I like the comments. Don’t ruin them.

  10. lesliesm22 says:

    When Scott Stapp yells “OH GOD!” durring sex, does some one else respond or does he take the call himself?

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