Top 5 Artificial Insemination Flicks

Jennifer Aniston's "The Switch” isn't the only anxiety-inducing/totally heartwarming tale about assisted reproductive technology!
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Top 5 Artificial Insemination Flicks

Jennifer Aniston’s “The Switch” isn’t the only anxiety-inducing/totally heartwarming tale about assisted reproductive technology!

-Carolyn French

The Switch

What would you do upon discovering (seven years after the fact) that a good friend had gotten plastered at your “insemination party”, unintentionally spilled your selected sperm sample, and quickly swapped it out with his own in order to cover his tracks?

That’s the dilemma Jennifer Aniston faces in next Friday’s romantic dramedy, The Switch, which also stars adorable funnyman Jason Bateman.

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Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at a few other popular films that dealt with getting knocked up … on purpose:

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0 thoughts on “Top 5 Artificial Insemination Flicks

  1. kitty says:

    LOL! I forgot about that Whoopi Goldberg / Ted Danson movie — weren’t they together for a while after that movie? What a strange pair!

  2. Fashionista says:

    Loved Baby Mama!

  3. ChattyCathy says:

    The Solomon Brothers was hilarious!

  4. girleegirl says:

    i love that whoopi movie… what an odd match that was!

  5. FFlotus says:

    i can’t wait until this movie comes out. i LOVE jason!

  6. stellarize says:

    this movie actually looks like it will be pretty good. we all know its jason bateman who’s pulling this movie, since jen really cant keep a movie afloat.

  7. Catca says:

    Love or hate Jen Aniston, but the woman is a marketing genious and knows how to promote a movie. Jen Lopez did not get a national dialogue started like Jen Aniston did with her comment supporting her character’s choice. Ever notice Jen is linked to every one of her single male co-starts in every movie she promotes and then they suddenly disappear out of her life? You don’t really think she’s dating every one of them as much as simply promoting her movies. Her promotion abilities plus she does have a fan base make her worth her paycheck.

  8. mothermeryl says:

    This is a really funny list!

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