There Is No 'J' In Vagina!

Can we please use adult words when talking about our lady parts?
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There Is No ‘J’ In Vagina!

Can we please use adult words?

-Kristen Houghton

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Question of the day: Why in the world would anyone call a vagina a VJJ? There is no J in vagina!

With or without a ‘j’, if I hear one more person on a talk or reality show use another silly name for a woman’s genitalia, I just may scream and move to another planet. Hearing the expression VJJ, which seems to be in vogue as the common term for vagina, is as annoying as hell. To me VJJ sounds an awful lot like some brand-new sex toy yo-yo imported from Japan. I can just see the commercial now:

“It’s new, it’s here, and it can be yours! The awesome VJJ! That’s right, The VJJ! Amaze your friends and be the first among them to own this revolutionary new toy from Japan for the incredibly low price of $19.95! But wait! There’s more! Order in the next fifteen minutes and we’ll send you not one but two VJJ’s for the price of one! Imagine! Two for the price of one! Call now; operators are standing by!!”

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What makes us reticent to say the word vagina? It’s a word that, once said out loud, seems to make normally forthright adults look as embarrassed and guilty as if they had just had sex on national TV. Even Dr. Oz, whom I trust and admire, seems to have a problem with the ‘V’ word. On an appearance on Oprah Winfrey he easily used the proper words rectum and penis when referring to those body parts, but when it came to female genitalia, he faint-heartedly said VJJ. Is he not supposed to say vagina???? He is a doctor after all. To my way of thinking, VJJ is to vagina as pee is to urinate! One classy, the other not so much.

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3 thoughts on “There Is No 'J' In Vagina!

  1. Never heard ‘VJJ’. It was always va-jay-jay, even in print. Either way, yes, it’s stupid. Just one of the many, many ways our culture shows its love for patriarchy.

  2. well, we have more than vaginas,we have an entire vulva~but i digress!lol!so many people are uncomfortable with not only speaking about the female body parts below the belt but also thinking about them so quite possibly something cutesy to call them makes them feel less uncomfortable. i’m a believer in children knowing and referring to them in proper terms but that’s just me.but many guys name their “johnsons” so maybe it can be equated to the same thing with vajayjay/vjj as a universal name for it.i don’t know but anyways i like the article.

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