The Rebecca Black Documentary You Didn't Know You Wanted Has Arrived

Here's everything you never, ever wanted to know about Rebecca Black's "Friday," courtesy of Jon Ronson's mini-documentary.

The Rebecca Black Documentary You Didn’t Know You Wanted Has Arrived

Here’s everything you never, ever wanted to know about Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” courtesy of Jon Ronson’s mini-documentary.

-Lucia Peters

Rebecca Black

Just when you thought Rebecca Black’s inexplicably massive hit “Friday” had faded into obscurity, guess what? It’s back! I’m not sure whether I should be telling you to embrace it with open arms or run for your lives, but in any event, now you can learn everything there is to know about the viral phenomenon. Jon Ronson, the journalist behind The Men Who Stare At Goats and a contributor to This American Life, set out to dig into the depths of “Friday,” and with his findings, he has created a masterpiece of a documentary filmmaking. Or at least, as much of a masterpiece is possible when the source material is something like “Friday.”

The highlights include a conversation with Benni Cinkle, also known as That Girl In Pink dancing awkwardly to Rebecca’s right (did you know that Benni hoped the masterminds at Ark Music Factory would notice her next?) and a chat with Patrice Wilson, the man who actually churned out the song. Fun fact: “Friday” was written in 30 minutes. Does this surprise you? I sincerely hope not.

Things take a turn for the hilarious when Patrice remarks that he sees viral potential in Ronson himself. For those of you who don’t know much about him, Jon Ronson is a slight, 44-year-old British man with glasses, so the idea of him becoming a viral pop hit makes me giggle just a bit. The concept of Patrice’s song for him? “A bit of Vanilla Ice mixed up with Craig Davids.” So, this:

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Paired with this:

And yes, he did actually write the song by that night. And you can hear it at the end of the video.


Anyway, watch it. Love it. Because it’s Thursday, and that’s, like, thisclose to Friday.

P.S.: Have you read Ronson’s book The Psychopath Test? Because you should. It’s fascinating. And now I’m wondering what Rebecca Black would score on the titular test. Hmmm…

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