The Real Deal About Bio-Oil

What is this miracle anti-aging potion anyway?
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The Real Deal About Bio-Oil

What is this miracle anti-aging potion anyway?

-Carissa Chesanek

Kim Kardashian

You may have seen the advertisements for it on TV, but what do you really know about Bio-Oil? This South African skincare product is said to improve the overall appearance of your skin. It’s supposed to diminish scars, stretch marks and correct uneven skin tones. Its other claims include keeping your skin smooth and hydrated. Bio-Oil allegedly also eases fine lines and wrinkles.

The key ingredient is PurCellin Oil. This reduces the overall thickness of the substance and helps Bio-Oil absorb easily into the skin.

Why it’s hot: Bio-Oil is a non-acnegenic product. It can be used on sensitive skin and it’s hypo allergenic. Made up of a mix of plant oil and vitamins, Bio-Oil helps moisturize and enhance the skin to its fullest. It relieves dry skin, helps soothe after sun exposure, can be used in the bath and is never greasy.

Women who have used it have given it rave reviews on the sites where they bought it.

An A. Roberts on states in her review, “I began using this product every single day about two months ago and it works WONDERS. First you can use it for stretch marks but with a 2 oz. bottle I would stick with small areas…”

TSH in wrote, “I am never able to use oils on my face due to them making me breakout, but this one does not do that. It does absorb well and you don’t need much at all. If applied lightly you will get that dewy glow that you see a lot of this summer. Very nice moisturizing product. I purchased as an anti-aging help….I like the results so far.”

While there dozen more raves out there online, there are also women who were disappointed with it.

Kim Kardashian wrote in her column for OK! that she uses it for stretch marks and to prevent wrinkles around her eyes.

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20 thoughts on “The Real Deal About Bio-Oil

  1. Kim Kardashian is one of the most beautiful women of our era. I know
    there are a lot of haters, and
    people who think she didn’t do
    anything to become famous. Well, she’s not an actress or a dancer or
    singer. She does have a lot of different business endeavors and deals. She’s a really great fashion
    model and actually, I’d do her, but
    I’m not gay so I’ll only admire her
    from afar! lol

  2. well looking at the ingredients it is full of essential oils, rosemary, callendula, lavender, chamomille, except dont know how much of these ingedients are in it. Also it seems after looking at the ingredients that it is quite oily and could clog pores. There are other questionable ingredients and what long term health. It lists parrafin which is in laymans term a wax and did you know that PurCellin Oil

  3. I use Bio-oil all the time and love it!!!
    It’s like putting baby oil on so it seems kind of thick but soaks in very fast. If you have dry skin it’s wonderful… it really does work.
    It seems expensive but it lasts alot longer than those pricey department store products!

  4. If I saw it in a store or had a free shipping coupon, I might get it. On the whole, I am more inclined to wait a while before getting the latest thing. In a month or two we would know if it works or not.

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