Weirdness: Eden Wood and Kelly Bensimon at Cicciabella's Spring Fashion Show

Think you've seen it all at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week? You haven't until you've seen Eden Wood modeling Cicciabella's kiddie Cowgirl Riders boots.

Weirdness: Eden Wood and Kelly Bensimon at Cicciabella’s Spring Fashion Show

Think you’ve seen it all at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week? You haven’t until you’ve seen Eden Wood modeling Cicciabella’s kiddie Cowgirl Riders boots.

-Lucia Peters

Eden and Kelly

I have a question for you, Bettys: what do you think of when you think of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week? You think of gorgeous men and women in even more gorgeous clothing, don’t you? You think of tall, glamorous models, all of whom are hopefully over the age of 16, showcasing beautiful clothing. Adult clothing. Clothing meant for grown-ups.

You probably don’t think of kids. But guess what? Fashion Week just got its toddler on. In fact, it got its Toddlers in Tiaras on.

Children’s designer Cicciabella (pronounced “chee-cha-bell-ah”—it’s Italian, darlings) outfitted ten little munchkins with their new Cowgirl Riders Slipper-Boots and tossed them up on a runway to see what they would do. One of those munchkins, by the way, was none other than Toddlers and Tiaras star Eden Wood. Eden, who retired from the pageant circuit this summer at the ripe old age of six, appears to be advancing on to bigger and better things: in addition to launching her musical career (if “Cutie Patootie” can really be considered music), Eden has just signed on to be Cicciabella’s spokesmodel. Moving up in the world, I see.

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To be fair, the boots are pretty cute; they’re a slipper and boot hybrid, which means that they provide the comfort of indoor slippers with the ruggedness of a sole meant for outdoor wear. They come in a variety of colors, from a subtle tan trimmed with brown and pink to an eye-popping turquoise with detailing in black and silver. Oh, and Cicciabella also told us that these slipper-boots (and yes, that is, in fact, a technical term) are the perfect footwear to put on a kid while traveling—specifically, while flying. So hey, just in case you were thinking about getting your favorite two-year-old high-end designer shoes specifically intended for getting through airport security, guess what? Now you can.


But back to the tots: While Eden kicked up the stage in typical child beauty queen fashion, it’s a good thing possibly former Real Housewife of New York Kelly Bensimon was on hand (yes, I said possibly former– news broke yesterday afternoon that she, Jill Zarin, and Alex McCord had been fired that very morning, though today, they’re said to be rumors. Scandal!), because some of the other girls… didn’t seem too excited to be there. A couple of them were, of course—a firecracker in bright blue tore up the stage, and a petite little thing sporting pink-and-blue-trimmed tan boots twirled a lasso with the best of them—but Kelly took on a role that was a little different from that of your usual fashion show MC.

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Throughout the show, she coached the girls down the runway. She offered encouragement and direction, and sometimes she even got up there with them herself. “You look like a Ralph Lauren model! If you don’t get a deal when you turn 15, I don’t know who will,” she told one girl as the kiddie bounced across the stage. When another girl clad in those crazy turquoise boots got that deer-in-the-headlights look, Kelly joined her onstage. “Look at us—we’re peaceful rockers!” she said as they did some sweeping arm movements together to Bon Jovi’s “Dead or Alive.”

But the scene-stealer, of course, was Eden. Look! We have videos! Watch them and be amazed or appalled! Or maybe both!

Watch her dance up a storm here:

And again here, only this time, to ’80s music:

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And hear her “sing” her breakaway pop hit, “Cutie Patootie” here:

Eden took exactly 46 seconds out of her busy day to sit down and chat with us after the show, too. Catch what she had to say here:

Our favorite part? Her answer to “who’s your hero?”: “My mom’s NOT my hero. I’M my hero.” Classic.

Oh, and guess what? Get ready to hop on your own steel horse with Bon Jovi, because Cicciabella’s Cowgirl Riders are available in adult sizes, too. Ride ‘em, cowgirl!

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor.

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