The Gal's Guide to A Vegetarian Diet

Going meatless, even if it's once a week can boost your health.

The Gal’s Guide to A Vegetarian Diet

Going meatless, even if it’s once a week can boost your health.

-Danielle Pashko,

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Women are always searching for the perfect diet or food secrets for losing weight. Many celebrities, such as Leona Lewis, Olivia Wilde, Kristen Bell and Carrie Underwood have turned to vegetarianism to stay healthy in their eating. Most people tend to think that if they adopt a vegetarian lifestyle they will automatically lose weight, but you have to do it right to be healthy.

There are a large percentage of vegetarians that eat way too many starchy carbohydrates in an attempt to cut out other foods. Just because you are eliminating meat does not mean that there are no consequences to eating unlimited amounts of nuts, seeds, avocados, and other healthy oils. All the foods mentioned above are extremely healthy and necessary for vegetarians, but these are not “free foods” just because they come from the plant kingdom.

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The bulk of this type of diet should come from organic fruits and vegetables. Then it is important to include nuts and legumes for protein. Don’t eat excessive amounts of soy burgers, fake meats, and other foods that try to replace the real thing either. All those foods come with a new set of problems, when you think you’re doing yourself a favor by nixing the steak. Many of those meat substitutes contain MSG, gluten, and even worse, excitotoxins that can cause a host of health problems as well as accelerate aging.

If you are a meat head, try eating mostly fish during week and treating yourself with meat on occasion, just like you would a rich dessert. Although a lean chicken breast is low in calories, you want to be sure that it is not injected with hormones and unhealthy “feeds”. Organic cuts are your best bet to avoid this problem. For some additional low calorie proteins, you may want to consider low fat or not fat Greek yogurt, as well as organic egg whites.

Whether you choose to be a vegetarian or not is a personal preference. You just need to make sure that whatever school of eating you belong to you just don’t overdo it with the fat. That means relax with the heavy portions of meat and for the vegetarians, go easy on the nuts and oils. is a website that covers the latest trends, fashion news, celebrity style and more. More from


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