The First Date, The Second Date, The Third Date

Make the right impression on your new guy
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The First Date, The Second Date, The Third Date: Dos To Wow Him During The Crucial First Three Dates

Make the right impression on your new guy!

-Libby Keatinge

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So you’ve met a great guy and – yay – he asked you out. The first three dates are where you can get to know him and he can get to know you more. These first meetings determine whether you will become a couple or quit while you’re ahead. Follow these guidelines to pass the first three dates with flying colors!

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The First Date

Wear: For the first date you want to wear something sexy that does not make you look like you are trying to hard. He found you attractive when he met you and asked you out, so just be yourself! If you are most comfortable in jeans, pair them with a sexy top and do your makeup as you would for a night out with friends. Don’t overdo it!

Where: He may already have picked out a place, but perhaps he asks for your suggestions. There is so much pressure on the first date, so take the pressure off of him and you and choose somewhere that has other activities going on besides your conversation. A lounge where you can have drinks and listen to a band is a great pick, or a restaurant that has a more social feel to it, like New York City’s Lair, where you can dine on small tapas style Asian delicacies while listening to hip music and people watching!

Conversation: Keep it light! Try to talk about anything other than yourself! Great topics are recent movies you have seen or art exhibits you’ve visited. DO NOT get into family, dating, personal problems and especially exes! But I’m sure you already knew that ,savvy ladies! If he tries to kiss you on your doorstep, make it quick, and absolutely cut it off at a short kiss!

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2 thoughts on “The First Date, The Second Date, The Third Date

  1. So, you are not supposed to know what they do for fun until the third date??? that is total bull. Sorry but if the conversation is flowing and things get personal in the first three dates, maybe you just have a really great connection. These 'rules' don't make sense and would make for a very standoffish date.

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