The Best and Worst Dressed at the Emmys

Celebs paraded down the red carpet in the latest trends.
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The Best and Worst Dressed at the Emmys

Celebs paraded down the red carpet in the latest trends.

-PJ Gach


This year’s Emmys with host Jimmy Fallon rocked! It was a clever, funny and eminently watchable show. So was the red carpet! We saw two huge trends: navy gowns and one shoulder gowns.

Jayma Mays and Jane Lynch

Glee’s Lea Michele and Jayma Mays, Jane Krakowski, Connie Britton, Padma Lakshi and Julie Bowen all made navy the new black. Listening to the stars talk about what they wore on the red carpet, with a few exceptions, it seemed as if they were either wearing Chopard or Lorraine Schwartz jewels.

Edie Falco, Julie Benz

Edie Falco, Julie Benz, Emily Deschanel and Emmanuelle Chriqui were just a few of the celebs who showed off their shoulders and necks in one shoulder gowns.

Emily Deschanel and Emmanuelle Chriqui

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Read on for our best and worst dressed at this year’s Emmys.

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0 thoughts on “The Best and Worst Dressed at the Emmys

  1. Fashionista says:

    Heidi Klum, Lea Michele, and Sofia Vergara have my vote for best-dressed. January Jones’ dress was by far the worst of the night. Does she want to look bad on purpose?

  2. Yay heels says:

    January Jones dress was a lampshade. A really ugly one!

  3. hope_xo says:

    Love Heidi’s look — she always looks amazing.

  4. high heels says:

    What happened to Anna Paquin? eew

  5. Fashionista says:

    And wait, where is Claire Danes on this list? I think she was definitely a best dressed candidate!

  6. sugarpie says:

    January Jones is so beautiful. What was with her hair? It looked like she didn’t even comb it!

  7. FFlotus says:

    Sofia Vergara is a gorgeous woman and that dress on her looked like some 8th grade prom dress from JC Penney’s! sad…

  8. hofken says:

    Wow! Heidi looked amazing!

  9. queenana says:

    nobody does it better than gorgeous, curvy & sophisticated christina hendricks! heidi…blah!!! looked like she was tarred & feathered & they ran short of both.

  10. rosidentevil says:

    Heidi looks gorgeous

  11. happishopr says:

    Heidi was stunning!

  12. buttercup says:

    Heidi gets my vote for best dressed she always looks great

  13. eatingcookies says:

    I think Christina Hendricks is GORGEOUS, and as a full chested woman, I’m glad she’s proud of her girls, but goodNESS. That dress needed a little more top, I think. She did look lovely, but I think a little more coverage would have been a bit classier. Just my opinion.

    January… what were you thinking?

  14. lilcaramel says:

    Absolutely loving the one-shouldered look this year. I’ve always loved it and am glad it’s back and gorgeous as ever!

  15. gbnina says:

    I think overall there wasn’t anything new or exciting-except Rita Wilson’s dress and shoes…yowsa

  16. aidensdame says:

    Not loving the absurd ruffles on Emily, but happy to see Padma looking classy.

  17. junethrusept says:

    My favs are Jayma Mays and Claire Danes. :)

  18. DrrrrtyCarDancer says:

    I’m not a fan of Heidi’s dress this year. Jane looked amazing, beyond amazing. Julie Benz was gorgeous as well. January chose a horribly horrid dress. Lea looks super cute. However, I kind of liked Naya’s dress, maybe not with such a large split opening, but I just think it was a bad look with her hair piled a mile high on top of head.

  19. akseymour says:

    My favorite dress was Lea Michele’s. I though Heidi was gorgeous. I love Kyra Sedwick’s dress. I adore Christina Hendricks, but not her dress. I think January’s dress would have been cuter without the train, and am not sure what she was thinking with the hair.

  20. minimint83 says:

    Kim Kardashian looked nice, unfortunately her mom’s dress was not flattering at all. It just made her look wide at the bottom. Heidi looked great as well.

  21. olympicgirl says:

    January Jones’ dress wasn’t nearly as ugly as Lauren Greene (I think that’s her name) she was on Gilmore Girls and now Modern Family. It was very unflattering.

  22. vdub4 says:

    Plus…Ummmm, can we talk about January Jones’ HAIR for a second? Yeeeeeeeeesh. WTF?

  23. vdub4 says:

    I like Rutina Wesley’s dress… her hair – not so much… LOTS of BAD HAIR on the red carpet this year… And, did anybody see what Rita Wilson was wearing? SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM! Sorry, love you and your hubby, Rita, but NO! NO! NO!

  24. esolkneerod says:

    Anything with that many flounces and ruffles just screams “Vanna White” to me.

  25. Linda6506 says:

    I always love to see how the Stars are dressed and I enjoy them all, even the worst dressed! I guess everybody has those “What was I thinking?” days!

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