The 8 Most Memorable Moments from the 2012 SAG Awards

From the kids of Modern Family to the ladies of Bridesmaids, here are the best and funniest moments from the 2012 SAG Awards.

The 8 Most Memorable Moments from the 2012 SAG Awards

From the kids of Modern Family to the ladies of Bridesmaids, here are the best and funniest moments from the 2012 SAG Awards.

-Lucia Peters

SAG Awards 2012

And awards season continues apace, with this past weekend playing host to both the Directors Guild of America Awards and the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Since actors are generally better performers than directors (that’s why they’re, y’know, actors), here are the 8 most memorable moments from last night’s 2012 SAG Awards. Ready… set… Scorsese!

1. The Kids of Modern Family

Modern Family took the award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series for the second year in a row, and this year, the kids stole the show. Literally. Sarah Hyland, Rico Rodriguez, and Nolan Gould gave the acceptance speech. A little over-rehearsed? Maybe; but it’s also hilarious and perfectly in tune with the tone of the show. Also, Julie Bowen in the background is priceless.

2. Dick Van Dyke’s Slightly Backhanded Compliment to Mary Tyler Moore

Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore

The Screen Actor’s Guild honored Mary Tyler Moore with a Lifetime Achievement award this year for… well, a lifetime of achievement. It’s well-deserved and has been a long time coming, so hoorah! Dick Van Dyke, who played her husband on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, presented her with the award… but is it just us, or was something a little squirrely going on there? In his introduction he praised Mary for her comedic chops, noting that it was rare “for a woman” to be able to pull off funny while still looking cute. Now, we’re sure he didn’t mean it to be a slight, but come on—can we just agree that women are funny too and end the whole stupid debate? Though maybe this surprise kiss, seen above, works as an apology.

3. Rose Byrne’s Jumpsuit from Hell

Rose Byrne's jumpsuit from hell

We’ll address this one more fully in our famous Best and Worst of the Red Carpet discussion, but really, it’s so heinous it deserves a mention now. Once seen, it cannot be unseen. Are your eyes burning? Because ours sure are!

4. Octavia Spencer’s Face

Octavia Spencer

We loved Octavia Spencer in The Help. That’s why we’re so glad that she’s doing so well this awards season—so far, she’s taken both the Golden Globe and the SAG Award for Best Supporting Actress among many, many others, and she’s got a whole bunch of other nominations still pending (including, of course, an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress). And the fact that she is willing to pull a face like this while onstage accepting a prestigious award just makes her even more awesome.

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5. Betty White

We want Betty White to be our grandma. This is why. Classy, funny, and amazing.

6. The Bridesmaids SAG Awards Drinking Game…

Bridesmaids drinking game

The hilarious Bridesmaids presentations just keep coming: This time, when Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, and Melissa McCarthy hit the stage, bottles in hand, to present Bridesmaids, which was nominated for the Best Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture, they explained the rules to their brand new SAG Awards drinking game: “You have to take a drink every time, and I mean every time, you hear the word ‘Scorsese,’” said Maya, referring to directing great Martin Scorsese. But wait, is it “Score-say-zee” or “Score-sez-ee?” It’s “Score-sez-ee,” it turns out. Like “Prosecco.” Bridesmaids may have lost to The Help, but whatever. Scorsese.

7. …And Steve Buscemi’s Follow-Up…

Steve Buscemi Tina Fey

Steve Buscemi kept the joke rolling when he accepted the award for Outstanding Male Actor in a Drama Series for his work on Boardwalk Empire (an award he’s won twice), saying, “Thank you for taking my wine, Tina [Fey, pictures with Steve above], but I have to thank our executive producer Martin Scorsese,” and then pausing…

8. …And Tina Fey’s Response.

Tina Fey SAG

…While Tina Fey, who had nabbed his wine on his way to the stage, drained his glass of red. Bottoms up!

Check out the full list of winners here!

And one final word:


Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor.

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