Signs He Is A Keeper

How do you know a man could be Mr. Right and not just Mr. Right now?
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Signs He Is A Keeper

How do you know a man could be Mr. Right and not just Mr. Right now?

-Dater Julie


A slideshow of my past romantic interests will prove my mother’s theory that I used to only like the “bad boys.” Or as I prefer to think of them as, Cupid’s quicksand.

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Like the boy I loved my senior year of high school. He drank and smoked, held huge parties in his dad’s house and drove like a total a-hole, you know all the signs you shouldn’t go near it. But he was so charming you didn’t even realize you’d fallen in until you were stuck, wishing you’d taken a different route. Like when he invites you to his pal’s party and you show up thinking it’s a date and he’s sitting in the corner calling your name…with that slutty new girl who you don’t know is a slut but she must be because she’s sitting in your man’s lap.

After a few years, and a few more rebels without a cause, I decided life, and love, are much better on solid ground. So I blocked Dennis Rodman’s number and decided that moving forward, the men I entertain socially will have certain qualities.

You’d do a trust fall into him. You’d walk blindfolded across a rickety bridge above an alligator-infested swamp (because there are so many of those) if he told you it was safe. Now, doesn’t mean be an idiot and believe a guy just because you like him when he tells you that the pink underpants in the corner of his room are just his mom’s. Trust has to be earned. But the minute you feel the urge to pilfer through his email, Facebook or cell phone, you know your relationship is headed south on a one-way flight. But if he goes out for his pal’s bachelor party, and you know he’s not going to swap phone numbers or spit with anyone, then you know you can sleep soundly while he gets down on the dance floor.

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