Sex Without Condoms

Why more and more people are trying this dangerous trend.
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Sex Without Condoms

Why more and more people are trying this dangerous trend.

-Carrie Seim

Sex without condoms

You’ve been bad, Betties. According to a new study, more and more of you are getting it on without using protection.

The newly released study, sponsored by Wet intimacy products (the company has a vested interested in understanding how men and women wrap things up when they get wrapped up in each other), found that only half of people surveyed always use some sort of protection during sex. A shocking 18 percent say they never use protection.

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Also interesting? More than half of the men and women admit to not knowing the full name of someone they slept with. (Whether or not they knew their f-buddy’s Twitter moniker was, sadly, not measured.)

But back to the no condom thing. It’s hard to understand how, in 2010, we’re still not taking the risks of unprotected sex seriously. Somehow, many of us are sliding into irrational but powerful pull of no-condom sex. Correspondingly, the CDC says STD rates in the United States are on a frightening climb, despite decades of prevention research and education.

How to reconcile with what we know we shouldn’t do with what we actually do?    

I asked a group of intelligent, mature men and women to share the reasons they sometimes forgo protection during “special moments,” even when they know it’s dangerous and potentially deadly.  

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11 thoughts on “Sex Without Condoms

  1. lovesbetty says:

    She’s smart and educated- “She don’t look sick or fertile to me!” dumb dumbs

  2. candace2010 says:

    so stupid to not wear a condom

  3. MaryMack says:

    Crazy world! Love the humorous twist to a serious subject :-)

  4. QueensPrincess says:

    its crazy but i do it too. its hard to make the right decision when the heat is on.

  5. betty013 says:

    I’ve done it, I’ll admit, and it was dumb. I was paranoid for month after and I wasn’t even paranoid about pregnancy but about an STD. What many don’t know is that viruses can remain dormant for months and/or years before you’ll test positive. Not only that, but it’s possible to never show clinical symptoms in your lifetime, yet be a carrier…definitely something I’d never do again…

  6. lakers392003 says:

    Well when all kids are taught in school is abstinence only then its no wonder STDs are on the rise. Why would they need to know about condoms?

  7. acm says:

    I think it is very, very inmpormant to wear condoms today, beause if you don’t you could end of with any std dieses or even aids and people don’t take the time to stop and think about all of this. All they care about is having sex and that is it. You have got to use your head today and not think the other way.
    I have three girls and you can be sure that i will let them know about all of the above when it comes to sex. I got pregnat at 17teen and at 18teen i had my first child, it changed my whole life. I love her very much but i wish i was smarter and used a condom. I will say know i am married and two more kids and could not be happier. All i can say again is use common sence when needed!!

  8. Rhiannon says:

    The only reason to not use a condom would be if you happen to be married to the guy.

  9. lpfns says:

    Marriage isn’t the only determining factor in condom or no condom. Long-term monogamous and std free couples can find other methods of birth control. VCF and the pill being my fav. In my humble opinion…

  10. VIXEN says:

    i nver use it it mkes me feel closer wiyh my hney pouch.. n its mre xcitng n risky..

  11. VIXEN says:

    i nver use it it mkes me feel closer wiyh my hney pouch.. n its mre xcitng n risky..

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