Sandra Bullock Is Back!

America's Sweetheart will make her first public appearance at the MTV Movie Awards.

Sandra Bullock Is Back!

America’s Sweetheart will make her first public appearance at the MTV Movie Awards.

-Faye Brennan

Sandra Bullock

Thata girl, Sandy! It’s about time we saw your beautiful face again, and we’re happy you’re coming out of hiding. People has confirmed that Sandra will be attending the MTV Movie Awards on June 6, as she’s already been named one of the big winners of the night.

Sandra will be presented with the MTV Generation Award, marking the first time a female has won the award. MTV says they are giving Sandra their “highest honor,” because “She’s played sweethearts and badasses, damaged and righteous women, goofy gals and damsels in distress… She can pop off LOL-inducing one-liners in one movie and execute a sucker-punch to your soul in another.”

We can’t argue with MTV – Sandra is a multi-talented woman and has proven herself time and time again over her two-decade-long career. But we have to play devil’s advocate here and wonder: does MTV also have an ulterior motive for choosing Sandy, like ratings, perhaps?

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The simple fact that we are reporting about this news means that viewers (including us) will now be tuning in to the show just to see Sandy – and it’s not because of her award. It’s simply because we want to see her live and in living color after her marriage fell apart. We want to see her smiling again and know that this experience hasn’t completely destroyed the actress we adore.

And MTV knows this all too well. If they had named Cameron Diaz the winner, do you think you’d be sitting anxiously at the edge of your couch, anxiously waiting to see her walk down the red carpet? Yeah, we didn’t think so. (People, MTV)

Tell us: do you think MTV had an an ulterior motive picking Sandra?

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0 thoughts on “Sandra Bullock Is Back!

  1. danggirl says:

    You know — what sucks is that you have a point.. Even if they were thinking of her anyway for this, it’s still overshadowed by her personal turmoil. And yep — I for one can’t wait to see her on stage!!

  2. FBNYC says:

    I agree danggirl, but I too can’t wait to see her!

  3. kitty says:

    I think it’s time we all faced the fact that EVERYTHING in celebrityland is ALWAYS about ratings and PR.

  4. lemoned says:

    MTV pull a publicity stunt for ratings? NO!

  5. uptowngirl says:

    Aww, I bet that will be a nice moment for her.

  6. Fashionista says:

    I’m sure she will get a standing ovation.

  7. booksorclothes says:

    It’s great that she is FINALLY getting out of the house, but le’s face it, the only reason she was asked to appear was for RATINGS

  8. lovesbetty says:

    Can’t wait to see her!

  9. shamrockblonde says:

    MTV absolutely has an agenda – they know this will spike ratings – not doubt about it – but Sandra Bullock could have declined to appear to accept the award – while this move clearly shows MTV’s aggressive ratings pursuit, it also clearly shows Ms. Bullock’s strength of character – I wish her nothing but courage laughter and much much love – as for MTV – it is the nature of the beast in media to keep your name visible – they are doing their job and by watching, we all help them succeed –

  10. jessica03 says:

    I’m happy she’s back. I hope she’ll make more movies. Maybe moss congeniality 3!

  11. mannequin says:

    Such a delightful celebrity; isn’t she? She really is America’s sweetheart.
    I typically don’t watch and will; that’s exactly what MTV’s banking on.

  12. majorvoid says:

    All stars deserve a private life and if it didnt work its none of my business–I just wish I could fail that well in my life–Thank you for not losing yourself to the darker side of Hollywood –go girl shine on

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