Ruffian Goes Mad for Plaid: MB Fashion Week 2012

Soft cashmere, velvet, and jewel tones ruled the runway at Ruffian's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week show!

Ruffian Goes Mad for Plaid: MB Fashion Week Fall 2012

Soft cashmere, velvet, and jewel tones ruled the runway at Ruffian’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week show!

-Heather Taylor


Snow flurries on the morning of Saturday, February 11 weren’t exactly welcome for out-of-town fashionistas attending Fashion Week in New York; but for the Ruffian Fall/Winter 2012 Fashion Show at Lincoln Center, the snow was just right for the warm, tailored couture collection.

Referred to as “A Concerto for Two” by designers Claude Morais and Brian Wolk, the Ruffian opening featured models in crimson red hats, full-breasted wool plaid coats, pencil skirts, and wide leg trousers. Think Marlene Dietrich meets noir chic- very tailored and sleek, as well as supremely feminine for the modern woman.

One of my favorite pairings emerged early onto the runway: A plaid-on-plaid jacket and skirt combo (pictured above left). Ordinarily I don’t like to get all matchy-matchy with patterns, but the light gray color and subtle plaid print of both pieces worked wonderfully together. I could wear that look to the office (if anyone would like to start creating a Ruffian fund in my name, that is)!

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More soft, sleek materials dominated the runway in the form of corduroy, metallic leathers, cashmere, and silk velvet in shades of striking lapis blue and pink topaz. Hats also played a big part in the show; appearing in six different hues, they were created by Italian milliner Borsalino. The shoe of choice? Platform pumps, of course.

Perhaps the greatest detail of the show was the red lipstick worn by the models. Being a major fan of scarlet lips myself, I was stunned to find out that MAC Cosmetics created a limited edition lipstick called Ruffian Red, and that furthermore, this show wasn’t the first time it had been featured. It was initially launched for the Fall 2009 presentation, and this June will see not just the return of Ruffian Red, but also the launch of an entire MAC Ruffian limited edition collection! Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more details, ladies.

Starting that summer Ruffian makeup fund in 3… 2… aaaand 1!

Heather Taylor is BettyConfidential’s LA correspondent. This was her first NYFW show.

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