Robert Verdi: "Women Should Be Able to Have a Wardrobe of Sunglasses"

Robert Verdi, celebrity stylist dishes on his HSN line launch, his obsession with sunglasses, and how many pairs you should own!

Robert Verdi: “Women Should Be Able to Have a Wardrobe of Sunglasses”

Robert Verdi, celebrity stylist dishes on his HSN line launch, his obsession with sunglasses, and how many pairs you should own!

-Diana Denza

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Prepping for spring just got a lot easier thanks to style and interior design expert Robert Verdi! Whether you’re a fan of aviators or bold hues, Verdi has a pair of sunglasses that’ll take any outfit from drab to fab.

The former Fashion Police host and celebrity judge on She’s Got the Look has teamed with HSN for a line of shades that are too cool to pass up. Launching exclusively on HSN at 10pm EST today and at 7 am and 5pm EST on February 23, 2012, every pair of these sunnies is priced at under $40. You can also find them online. With celebrity clients like Eva Longoria, Bethenny Frankel, Kathy Griffin, and Sandra Bernhard, we have no doubt that our peepers will be totally trendy this spring.

We chatted with Verdi about his inspirations for the new line, how many pairs of sunglasses are too many, and working with HSN on the collection.

Betty Confidential: What’s it like to have A-list clientele?

Robert Verdi: It’s great because it allows you to work harder to discover upcoming trends and emerging designers and be the first stylist to put them out there.

BC: You’re also an interior design expert. How is the process similar to fashion design and how is it different?

RV: It’s all about creating items that are completely usable and super stylish. That’s the through line. Everything should be functional and really super-stylish, in both rooms and fashion.

BC: Why did you choose HSN to sell your first sunglass collection?

RV: HSN is the perfect partner because I get to reach lots of people. I get to create an affordable sunglass collection, and to work among some of the greatest designers today in every category including Badgley Mischka, Colin Cowie, Adrienne Landau and many others.

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BC: The price points for this collection are super affordable! Why is it important for you to keep these designs wallet-friendly?

RV: I always encourage women to wear different sunglasses with different outfits, to find a different pair to coordinate with different things in their closets. If their sunglasses are really expensive, it makes it less possible to do that. So, I wanted to be a man of my word and make sure woman can find super stylish sunglasses at affordable prices. Women should be able to have a wardrobe of sunglasses to set the right mood for their look, from a dramatic oversized glamorous frame to a fun bright colorful frame, and make them feel fabulous no matter what the occasion.

BC: We love sunglasses, but we just have to know –with all of the different types of accessories out there, why did you choose to create a sunglass line?

RV: Sunglasses are the entry point into the world of high fashion. I think that for a long time bags were the key accessories but because bags have been so outrageously expensive, sunglasses are the most important and visible accessory. For example, when you meet your girlfriends for lunch, you put your bag under the table or on the arm of the chair so nobody sees it. Your sunglasses, however, are on your face (or your head) so they are the first thing everyone sees, a great way to make an impression. Sunglasses are the only accessory that can take you from sweat-suit to movie star glam in less than a second.

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BC: What was your inspiration for this line?

RV: Every pair is about a different moment in a woman’s life, and the look and personality she wants to express. For example, if you’re in a white bikini in St. Tropez, you’re in my Silver McKenzie Aviator. When you are in the Hamptons having lunch with girlfriends, you’re wearing my peggy pattern sunglasses. When you’re in a little black dress running to a job interview, you are wearing my oversized rectangular Sashas. When you’re wearing your comfy old sweater and your favorite worn in jeans, you’re wearing the June in Tortoise.

BC: You’re usually spotted with glasses atop your head. How did this trend come about?

RV: I started wearing them on my head because I felt insecure about being bald, so the closest thing I have to a wig is a pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses turned into my trademark, I began collecting them and now, for sure, I’m an expert.

BC: Can a woman ever own too many pairs of sunglasses?

RV: No! You know the old saying you can never be too rich, too thin or own too many sunglasses.

Diana Denza is a regular contributor to BettyConfidential.

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