Road Test: Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips Eye Shadows and Liners

Looking for a new look this spring? Make your eyes pop with these new Shimmer Strips sets from Physician's Formula!

Road Test: Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips Eye Shadows and Liners

Looking for a new look this spring? Make your eyes pop with these new Shimmer Strips sets from Physician’s Formula!

-Lucia Peters

Physician's Formula

When it comes to makeup this spring, the eyes have it! Word on the street is that flawless skin paired with an attention-grabbing eye will be one of the hot looks for the season. And we’ve found just the products to help you achieve it: Physician’s Formula’s Shimmer Strips Eye Enhancing Shadows and Liners ($10.95 each, available at drugstores nationwide)!

These new eye shadow and liner sets include a selection of different shades, allowing you to play around with looks ranging from the subtle to the theatrical. I tried out both the Smokey Eyes shadow set and the eyeliner trio, and boy, was I ever pleased with the results.

The shadow set comes with a total of nine—count ‘em!—shades, which have been handily grouped into three trios corresponding to looks with different levels of intensity. For a lighter look, try the first trio of shades, which Physician’s Formula helpfully describes as the “Natural” look. With a friendly grey base, a subtle sparkly highlight, and a zing of lilac for the contour, this look defines your eyes while still keeping it neutral enough for the office. For something a little more striking that will go from work to the bar, try the second set, “Playful.” The tones of these shades are similar to the Natural shades; however, they’re darker, with the base being steelier, the highlight silver, and the contour grape-colored. If you want high drama, naturally you’ll head straight to the third set, “Dramatic:” gunmetal, slate, and deepest black.

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My favorite of the looks is Natural, though admittedly Playful is great for a night out. Rarely do I find myself in places where I need the deep, dark intensity of Dramatic, but if I were a jet-setting woman of mystery, it would definitely be my go-to look. All three of them are long-lasting, and they’ll enhance any eye color by drawing focus to your peepers and making them pop. You can also feel free to mix and match the shades at will. Blend them to create new shades, wet them for a more dramatic finish, use them as eyeliner… the possibilities are endless!

Furthermore, you can play up or down the drama of each look depending on the eyeliner you pair it with. The Smoky Eyes Eyeliner Trio is a great complement to the shadows; there’s a silver shade for the lighter looks, a charcoal liner for the medium ones, and a nice rich black for the most striking ones. You can even skip the shadow and just layer the liners for yet another fab smoky eye look: Use the black liner on your upper lids right next to your lashes, then layer the silver one directly above it to make your eye pop. A smidge of the charcoal liner under your bottom lashes finishes the look. The best part? They’re smudge-proof and last for 24 full hours. No need to reapply!

Physician's Formula 2

Smoky looks not your thing? Have no fear; there are three other shadow sets to try. Fashionista is full of bold purples, lilacs, and golds; Casual has a friendly palette of blues, pinks, and bronzes; and Nude is full of… well, nudes. But not boring nudes: complex, multifaceted nudes. You can also check out the Nude Eyeliner Trio, which uses subtle champagnes, pewters, and blacks to draw out your eyes.

So go on: Hie thee to a drugstore and pick up one of these sets. Spring is a perfect time for a new look!

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor.

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