Reasons to Play Betty Games: Win Stuff!

Play Betty Games and win stuff. Because who DOESN'T like winning stuff?

Reasons to Play Betty Games: Win Stuff!

Play Betty Games and win stuff. Because who DOESN’T like winning stuff?

-Lucia Peters

Win stuff

We here at BettyConfidential love giveaways. And guess what? Betty Games has big plans for some fantastic giveaways!

We’re not talking stupid prizes, either. Bettys, you know the sorts of things we like to give away—gorgeous swimsuits, rockin’ beauty bags, awesome books, all sorts of fantastic things. And now Betty Games will give you even more opportunities to nab goodies.

How are these giveaways going to work? A couple of different ways. Betty Games feature an in-game currency called Spigos, which you can win each time you play a game. Some giveaways might be based around whoever wins the greatest amount of Spigos in a given period; others might be based around tournaments for individual games you can play against other people. There will be loads of ways to win, and the more people who get playing, the bigger the giveaways will be!

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And you know what’s even better? You can actually win cold, hard cash playing Betty Games. You’ll notice that all of the single-player games have something called a Jackpot spin. In each game, there’s a specific way to earn a Jackpot spin—in Treasure Hunter, for example, you’ll get one if you collect three jewels; in Balloon, you’ll get one if you pop all the balloons in a level; and so on and so forth. Once you’ve gotten the chance at a Jackpot spin, the spin will give you the opportunity not only to win Spigos, but also to win the Cash Jackpot, which can be worth as much as $200—not too shabby!

So! Want to win great stuff? Start playing Betty Games now, and soon enough the payoff will arrive!

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor. She also loves giving things away to people. Will you let her give you things?

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