Postcards from Mommywood: I'm Losing the Parenthood Race!

Why can't I move fast enough to get it all done?
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Postcards from Mommywood: I’m Losing the Parenthood Race!

Why can’t I move fast enough to get it all done?

-Diane Clehane

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Even though my daughter has been out of school for weeks, I still feel as if that clock on 60 Minutes is counting down the minutes of my day between drop-off and pick-up. That’s because the marathon of driving back and forth to Madeline’s school has been replaced by the same schedule for camp. All told, the trips to camp and to school, when it’s in session, take about 90 minutes each day – if there’s no traffic. I’d like to add that I am not one of those moms who opt not to use the bus. There are none. The kids’ camps in my neck of the woods that provide transportation run about $1000 a week, believe it or not.

So in our house, every morning is a race to get my daughter dressed and out the door with her lunch made, and her backpack stuffed with two bathing suits, two towels, water shoes and goggles as required by the camp for her daily activities. (Did I happen to mention I spend a lot of time doing laundry?) By the time 9 am rolls around, and I’ve returned home, I pretty much feel like I’ve put in a full day.

At that point, I go to my home office and attempt to squeeze in a full day’s work in the few hours I have that are not related to my full-time, non-paying gig.

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Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining (Okay, maybe I am but I hope you’ll cut me some slack). Millions of women do this every day, some under very difficult circumstances. All I know is that this is my life and I wish I could figure out a way to do everything I need to do without feeling as though I’m constantly losing the race against time.

I realize that my hope that things would get easier as my daughter got older, couldn’t be more off base. Now that she’s almost six, I’ve put more miles on my car in the last year than I have in any twelve-month period since I’ve owned it. Towards the end of this school year, my daughter’s class had two field trips in a month. The letter that went home with all the details informed parents that each child had to be transported back and forth to the locations (one was about a 45-minute drive from school — and an extra twenty minutes from our house). If you didn’t want your child go, there would be no classes to attend that morning. Of course I went – and we had a lovely time. I did, however, beg off from driving my daughter back for the afternoon sessions, because that would have meant me doing one more loop in the car back and forth to school.

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0 thoughts on “Postcards from Mommywood: I'm Losing the Parenthood Race!

  1. Hmm. Sounds like you pay for private school and have plenty of money for extra-curricular activities. How about you count your blessings, have glass of wine, and quit complaining?

  2. Our daughter does not go to private sschool or an expensive camp (as I wrote in the post). My point in writing this was to say that the way modern parenthood is today, parents barely have time to breathe. Kids had more time to be kids and parents had more time to enjoy them when I was growing up. And, I am more grateful for my daughter than I could ever express. Its all the pressures of ‘modern living’ that sometimes seem overwhelming. Cheers

  3. It is overwhelming and I’m glad my three are grown; however, I would have appreciated working from home. I think it might have made things a bit easier. You are right — it does not necessarily get easier until they are driving their ownselves around and then your nerves are shot from worrying about them doing that, lol.

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