Plan the Best Party Ever!

Harvey Helms gets the scoop from special events master Robert Fountain!
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Plan The Best Party Ever!

Harvey gets the scoop from special events master Robert Fountain!

-Harvey Helms

Robert Fountain party planning

Girls, I’ve recently been to so many fabulous parties! It must be in the water! The yummy socialite Kathi Lutton and event planner Kaydee Castricone orchestrate all my “Harvey” parties! This dynamic duo knows how to throw a beauty bash! The girls always have a blast. Dinner last Friday was beyond delicious with food by private chef Henry Portner, girlicious cocktails, and for fashion fun, I had all the girls bring clothes to do a fab “Keep or Swap” event! You can do it too! Throw a girl party and have everyone bring clothes that they haven’t worn or don’t know what to wear it with! Does it look good on her? Should she keep or swap to a BFF?! Most fun ever!

Harvey HelmsNow I’ve also attended some parties recently that were, well, let’s just say it was like, “here’s a glass of champagne,” followed by some boring cocktail chatter and a quick exit. Been to a party like that? People standing around just looking at each other? My pretties, there is no need to ever host a party like this!

In a recent column I wrote about the best special event I’ve ever attended — Jillian Manus and Alan Salzman’s Valentine’s Ball “Channeling Love”, with all proceeds going to the Stanford Cancer Center. If you missed it, here you go: “My Night at the Best Valentine’s Ball Ever!”

That unbelievable event was dreamed up by Jillian Manus and special event guru Robert Fountain. Now girls you know I always go the world’s best experts to share advice and options to make your life fabulous so I had lunch with the handsome Robert to get the skinny on how to be the hostess with the mostest!

Robert Fountain
Robert works his magic at an Opera Symphony gala event

I met Robert at his gorgeous design studio in the heart of San Francisco’s Potrero Hill design district. As I shook his hand I immediately loved his urban confidence, but the moment he flashed his million-dollar smile and began speaking with his charming Thomason, Georgia accent, I melted. Add incredibly handsome to this and you have dynamite! Love at first sight. Being southern myself I felt like we were kindred spirits.

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