Pink Balls: Women Get Sexually Frustrated Too

Women also experience physical frustration if we don't finish.

Pink Balls: Women Get Sexually Frustrated Too

Women also experience physical frustration if we don’t finish.

-Libby Keatinge

Men are not the only ones who can belt out that “blue balls” excuse when you have to run off to work and can’t finish that morning nookie you started. Girls get sexually frustrated when we can’t finish too!

Medical science has proven that women get a similar painful feeling when we can’t complete the messing around that we started. Technically, pink and blue balls go by the term “vasoconstriction.” This is when a man or woman gets excited and blood rushes to the genital area which then gets aroused and swells. If the man doesn’t ejaculate, he gets “blue balls” because the blood doesn’t return to its normal blood flow and the tissues don’t go back to normal size. He is left feeling annoyed and with built up pressure.

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Well, if we don’t orgasm, we get frustrated and uncomfortable too! “Pink balls” are real! This is a two way street, people! Finish what you started and let’s make sure everybody finishes their business and leaves with a smile! (The Frisky)

Tell us: what do you think about the concept of women getting “pink balls”?

Libby Keatinge is senior editor at BettyConfidential.

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6 thoughts on “Pink Balls: Women Get Sexually Frustrated Too

  1. It’s manipulative and what you need to remember is that it only last for a little bit, the blood flow decreases and so does the feeling. He will be just fine — I’m pretty sure nobody has ever died from it – men just like to whine, lol

  2. Well I am a woman and I get it too. I can't stand starting on sex without him finishing me. It's uncomfortable, makes me irritable and gives me a stomach ache. It's selfish and makes me dislike my partner.

  3. There surely are not enough articles or books on this matter. It's always about men angry their partners won't putout or a situation arises say with the kids and they don't finish. Some men don't realize women can can be just as sexually frustrated, and it can be painful! Not to mention sometimes depressing. Not that sex is the most important thing in a relationship, but it is a big part of it. There are the normal typical things that happen to a couple that makes it hard to finish what they started. There are routines, timing, emotions, communication, and teamwork that goes into trying to achieve the goal. And it happens it can be perfectly normal, even medical issues and men even if they don't show it, can be very embarrassed or feel ashamed. Now, however there are the other situations where either man or woman can be a taker and never a receiver. It should be a fifty fifty mutual experience not a selfish one. Again communication, compassion, understanding and teamwork should be the key. Also taking some time when u can for a get away even for a few hours, especially if there is stress about children etc. But there are those in abusive relationships whether verbal,physical or both that deal with a constant one sided sexual experience that's on another emotional level from the typical problems couples have. If you do have a partner that forces you to do things you think are ridicuously degrading or plays mind games never returning a favor making you not only sexually frustrated, but emotionally hurt,stressed,depressed, please do not put up with it. Leave. Its not healthy being around someone who is mental. No amount of communication or teamwork will help this situation. There maybe be some people that worked things out and the person changed,but usually they don't. So yes, women can be just as sexually frustrated as men. Like cat scratching mad frustrated. Just communicate and respect each other. And remember men, if you can't get it up don't be embarrassed. Its all about the clit most of the time, so work it!

  4. I totally agree ^. Communicate and if it is the situation where the person is selfish or abusive and talking it out doesnt work, dump them. Besides being regular jerks, those ppl might be a narcissist. Which is a whole other level of crazy and you will be sexually frustrated most of the time with them. No ones perfect. Tv movies and even porn are actors and actresses. Real life sex should be mutual.

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