Our Favorite Rachel McAdams Cinematic Moments

'Morning Glory' makes us want to re-watch Rachel McAdams' finest films!
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Our Favorite Rachel McAdams Cinematic Moments

‘Morning Glory’ makes us want to re-watch Rachel McAdams’ finest films!

-Carolyn French

Rachel McAdams

“She was tough. I had pink hair at the time, and she said ‘Don’t dye your hair that colour and don’t make any more stupid movies.'” Who the heck did that American customs officer think she was, Rachel McAdams’ mother?

The gorgeous star was once stopped on her way across the border between the U.S. and Canada, at which point she was slammed for her personal style and movie history.

Rachel McAdams

Well, we think the charismatic Ontario native is everything an actress should be – talented, classically beautiful, and highly entertaining to watch. Miss Stick-in-the-Mud above clearly deserves an award for the dumbest statement ever uttered by a U.S. official.

Wonder what she’ll make of Rachel’s latest undertaking, Morning Glory co-starring Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford.

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The charming chick flick about a bigwig television producer who struggles to revive a floundering network morning show looks like the perfect way to ease into the winter months.

In celebration of the workplace comedy, we bring you our favorite clips from Rachel’s most endearing films….

Up next: The Notebook

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  1. “The Notebook” of course! I will never forget the night I read the book – I stayed up crying for hours and looked like hell at work the next day. Who in the world could not love this naturally beautiful and supremely talented actress?

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