Our 5 Fave Curvy Girl Fashion Blogs

Curvy girl fashion is huge in the blogosphere.
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Our 5 Fave Curvy Girl Fashion Blogs

When you’ve got curves, flaunt them.

-Brooke Sager

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Stylish women and glam outfits come in all shapes and sizes. Just ask these five full figured fashionistas. Allison of Curvy Girl Chic (above) models her outfits.They each have their own blogs dedicated to curvy girl fashion. These bloggers dish on everything from daily outfit pictures, news posts, bargain hunting and style tips. These five gals are gorgeous, curvy and confident. You definitely don’t need to be a size 2 to be fashionable!

1. Curvy Girl Chic

Curvy Girl Chic

Allison describes her personal style as “city-edge-meets-Cali-chic.” She showcases a new outfit daily with gorgeous, colorful photos of them. Allison reviews products, has giveaways and dishes on trends in the ‘fatshion’ (her word) community. If you want a good bargain, visit her Curvy Girl Shop .  Allison sells items from her own closet for super-cheap.

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2. Fat Chic

Fat Chic

“It’s not about trying to look thin” claims this blog. Hooray for loving what you’ve got! Fat Chic reveals the best places for curvy girls to shop. From lingerie to formal wear, the plus size catalogue lists it all. Her posts are sassy and will have you laughing out loud. She covers everything from health to culture: Marilyn Monroe, full figures in artwork and Marc Jacobs’ upcoming plus size line.

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12 thoughts on “Our 5 Fave Curvy Girl Fashion Blogs

  1. Wow! great article..its god to know there are other curvy women trying to be chic. I’m a size 16 and was a Fashion Design major. I’m now 50 and my curvy figure doesnt always let me dress fashionably. The clother can look “old Lady”. I’m going to check these websites out. Thanks Betty..P>S> My name is Betty…hahaha

  2. Thank you for the flattering writeup. I’ve also had the pleasure to meet some of the other bloggers named, and I am delighted to report that each one is very much the real deal – truly committed to better choices for curvy girls and women everywhere!

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