Negris LeBrum Brings Prom to the Runway: MB Fashion Week Fall 2012

Did I attend a Negris LeBrum fashion show or a school prom night? I'm still not sure.

Negris LeBrum Brings Prom to the Runway: MB Fashion Week Fall 2012

Did I attend a Negris LeBrum fashion show or a school prom night? I’m still not sure.

-Diana Denza

negris lebrum fall 2012

When I arrived at Studio 450 on February 15, 2012 for Negris LeBrum’s Fall 2012 show, I couldn’t help but wonder whether I’d mistakenly walked into a high school prom. Four rows of chairs lined each side of the “runway”, which was really just a strip of space in the middle of the oversized room.

Sadly, the room proved to be quite large for the small crowd in attendance. In this case, poor planning was the major culprit and not necessarily the designer’s work.

It seems that those who put together Negris LeBrum’s show got a little too enthusiastic, expecting the small brand to pull in flocks of followers. Instead, interns scrambled to close lines of folding chairs when it became clear that the guests only managed to populate the first two rows.

Meanwhile, a DJ in the corner bobbed his head to songs by Justin Timberlake and the late Michael Jackson. No one else joined in.

After half an hour of gawking at the empty seats and the completely inappropriate playlist, we were all nearly blinded by blaring spotlights. I know fashion shows are bright, but come on! I had to avoid looking to my right –where the lights were stationed– through the entire show because it was painful to stare into the beaming abyss.

negris lebrum fall 2012

When the models finally started strutting, the clothing wasn’t terrible. While a bit uninspired, the line included a deep blue riding coat, a selection of stylish trenches, and several dresses. In particular, the black mock neck lace top with the lamb skin corset was gorgeously crafted and very flattering.

I just felt a bit sorry for the models. Not only did they have to try not to stumble in 4-inch heels, but they also had to walk to a Blink-182 song mid-show. No, that’s not a joke. I don’t think I’ve listened to Blink-182 since I was a pimply faced high school freshman.

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The show finished with a red evening gown fit for a prom princess or wannabe pageant queen. The final look was so overdone (think a bouquet of flowers and elbow-length gloves), I was almost expecting a faux crystal crown to be placed atop the model’s head.

negris lebrum fall 2012

I walked back into the elevator wondering what in the world had just occurred, so I did what any fashion devotee/reporter would do. I asked a fellow attendee what she thought of the evening. The woman opened her mouth, closed it, and shook her head.

Diana Denza is a regular contributor to BettyConfidential.

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