Must-Have High Tech Beauty Tools

Step into the 21st century with these breakthrough beauty tools!
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Must-Have High Tech Beauty Tools

Step into the 21st century with these breakthrough beauty tools!

-Harvey Helms

Halle Berry

The other day, while I was wandering through my beauty warehouse, otherwise known as my bathroom, I happened to come across a box called “Beauty Tools.” I never throw anything away. Who knows, the Smithsonian Institute could call me any minute and ask me for some retro beauty gizmo to be displayed next to Dorothy’s Ruby Red Slippers from The Wizard of Oz. You never know. You should always be prepared.

When I opened the box, on top was one of my favorite retro beauty tools – the Buf Puf. For those of you too young to remember, that was the hot exfoliating tool from the ’80s. Like a gentle form of beauty sand paper, it exfoliated like nobody’s business. It’s still sold today!

Harvey HelmsLike everything else, technology has elevated beauty tools to 21st century high-tech performance. Believe me, I’m for anything that makes skin smoother, teeth whiter, or zaps a zit out of existence. So the following are tools to consider to take your beauty regimen from 3G to 4G! Each tool does what it says and the results are spectacular. Some are a little pricey but consider them a Goddess investment that is totally worth it. Skip lunch a few days and stop buying shoes for a month. You can do it! As your Cyber Main Gay, I must tell you though that these don’t replace those special treatments from your Derm or Medical Spa. They are for at home use to maintain the great results for months after any professional treatment!

Glo Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device
Be on the look out for the Glo Brillant Personal Teeth Whitening Device. It includes peroxide based gels to spread on teeth and an LED light to quickly lighten and break down stains! You’re just minutes away from that Hollywood smile!
I still use Crest 3D White 2 hour express Whitestrips for travel!

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0 thoughts on “Must-Have High Tech Beauty Tools

  1. I’ve gotten so into the beauty technology this last year! I bought the Tria laser hair removal system, a clarisonic, and Eviderm’s personal micorderm, and I am LOVING them all! so much fun and my skin feels better and will hopefully be hairless here soon!

  2. If I had the money I would own every product made! I want everthing I see and I believe all the stuff they say about them. I guess it might be a good thing I’m not rich? But I still want it!!!

  3. Harvey,
    Am using the Clairsonic cleansing machine-
    I agree it is awsum
    Recently got the new Opal-helps a lot
    with the under eye puffs!
    Really good recommendations!

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