Mean Betty: Would You Read a Book By Casey Anthony?

Caylee Anthony's mother has some "insights” on life she'd like to share!

Mean Betty: Would You Read a Book By Casey Anthony?

Caylee Anthony’s mother has some “insights” on life she’d like to share!

-Mean Betty

Casey Anthony

Dear ones, Mean Betty generally prefers to drool over photos of Jon Hamm in a suit (or Hugh Jackman in a bathing suit) (or Lindsay Lohan in a bikini + ankle monitor), than follow “real life” news … but the lurid Casey Anthony trial, alas, has taken up much of Mean Betty’s celebrity ogling time of late.

And now Mean Betty reads that Casey Anthony just may enlighten the world with nothing less than an advice book! Delightful!

The Hollywood Reporter reports:

In jailhouse letters penned by Anthony while she was in Orlando County Jail in 2008 and 2009, she expressed dreams of setting the record straight about herself via the written word. She wrote, “It’s a way to settle many rumors and to share my insight about love, life and most important — God.”

Why, Mean Betty can think of no other person she’d rather get insights about life and GOD from than Casey Anthony! Perhaps Casey will share with us her philosophy on tattoos, and just the right moment to get one. For example, when one’s baby girl has been dead / missing for weeks … why, that’s the perfect time to imprint “Bella Vita” — Beautiful Life! — on one’s body!

Read 26 Angry, Disgusted Celebs React to the Casey Anthony Verdict has other excerpts of Casey’s letters, in which she reveals longing for some of those little things one misses when one is imprisoned on suspicion of murdering one’s daughter.

“I can’t wait to get my teeth whitened and to use my regular toothbrush/toothpaste/shampoo, conditioner,” she wrote. “Color on my toesies and acrylic nails — yes please … I want to embrace the many joys of being a lady.”

Ah yes! The joys of trashy acrylic nails, white teeth and being a lady!

“And girl,” Casey wrote to her jailhouse pen pal, “I could use a day at Target myself. Just to walk around the store, to be a part of society. I want to go grocery shopping.”

Good luck with that “being part of society” thing, Casey. Mean Betty is sure the world will welcome you with open arms.

Finally, Mean Betty will leave you with this last tidbit from the Hollywood Reporter:

Anthony’s letters to fellow inmate Robyn Adams also reveal her desire to have more children. She wrote, “Let’s get pregnant together? If it’s really possible to plan it” and “I’ve thought about adopting, which even sounds weird to me saying it, but there are so many children that deserve to be loved.”

SO TRUE. So many children out there do deserve to be loved.

Mean Betty is actually too sick to her stomach (for once, not from too many martinis!) to make the obvious remark here.

Caylee Anthony

Rest in peace, little Caylee.

Mean Betty

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty: Would You Read a Book By Casey Anthony?

  1. NO I WOULD NOT READ A BOOK OR WATCH A MOVIE ABOUT CASEY ANTHONY. It makes me sick that she got off and makes me even sicker she will probably get rich off of her little girls death. It makes me even sicker that Caley can never rest in peace because she was not given justice. I hope somebody in this world cloroforms Casey, puts duct tape over her mouth and nose, puts her in garbage bags, and throws her in the woods. I have never been so angry about anything in my entire life and I am 44 years old.

  2. As much as I love to read, I will NEVER, EVER buy anything about this murdering bitch – and that includes books that she may write or books written by others about her.
    I think we should give Scott Peterson a weekend pass and let him take Casey fishing at Christmas.
    Obviously, that jury wasn’t listening to the same testimony that I was privy to for the entire trial.
    Justice failed little Caylee. I hope that God wraps His arms around her every morning for eternity.
    I detest Casey Anthony with every fiber of my being and hopefully, she will be unable to show her face anywhere in the US without the threat of violence to her person.

  3. She’ll have plenty of money to live the party life but not a penny of it will be mine. Nor will I spend a penny with any publisher or producer or watch any network who contribute to her future wealth. I have no interest in reading, hearing or watching more of her filthy lies. May she live a long life with not one moment of joy. So sad there’s no justice for the murder of this beautiful child.

  4. PLEASE BOYCOTT ANY AND ALL CASEY ANTHONY promo materials, books, movies, interviews, Tshirts, ANYTHING!! Let her have a miserable life and not get rich off of the murder of her daughter.

  5. i wouldnt read anything that this baby killer or her whacked family wrote…imho they are all just as guilty as her. except for maybe the brother but we wont go there. Dont read or watch anything put out by them because that means less justice for caylee and more money in that baby killers pocket…and what gets me is that she immediately wants to have more children…gossip has it that shes already pregnant from one of the guards in prison….heresay? we will have to see. who would want to sleep with or even over their sperm to a horse faced baby killer like her?

  6. I am a total bookworm, but no way in HELL will I read anything by her, her family, her lawyers OR any jury members. I will probably read any books written by the Prosecution team.
    How can anyone (I’m talking to YOU, jury members) listen to the lies told for those 31 days…the boozing, screwing, and tattooing…while she KNEW her baby was dead and rotting in a swamp? This she-devil has destroyed the lives of everyone around her. I am not a mean or hateful person, but I can only hope Casey Anthony gets the “street justice” that is coming to her.
    My heart breaks for little Caylee…may she rest in peace forever in the arms of angels who love and care for her.

  7. oh hell no!!!! This lying sack of crap will never earn one penny off of me. She should have been found guilty and put to death!!!!!!!!! I’m with chichijunk…. please boycott any and all Casey Anthony ANYTHING!!!!!!

  8. I love true life stories but Casey makes me sick. The courts should rule to have her fixed and block any attempt at adoption. Hopefully someone will brink a civil suit so she can never make money off of murderining her child.

  9. There is absolutely NO WAY on God’s green earth I would spend a penny on a bood tha Casey Anthony had anything to do with. I would not even want the book if it was given to me. Why should she profit off of anything, especially at the expense of Caylee? Who in their right mind would want to write a book about this pathological socipath, write a screenplay and or even give her the time of day for an interview.
    Casey Anthony is not a “woman” and certainly never a mother. She is a piece of insignifacant matter that has gotten away with murder. For anyone, anyone to contact her for anything about her story, would be the most dishonorable action towards the memory of Caylee. If someone is stupid enough to want to proceed with anything for this individual, then find the decency to put all the proceeds for a Caylee foundation or have the spoiled brat pay back the state of Florida for the accomodations of the Orange County jail and for the trial. Otherwise, why or how could anyone tell this horrible story. Let Caylee rest in peace and not have this precious baby girl be continued to have her short life discussed in light of her “mother’s” actions. NO, NO way in hell would I do anything for Casey Anthony to profit.

  10. I’d read it. BUT….only if I could check it out from the library. There is no way I’d give two cents to this woman but I do so love to read what crazy people have to say.
    I agree with the commenter Maria above; any and all proceeds from anything she does should go towards paying back the state for sending them on a “wild goose chase”.
    The thought of what she did (IMO) is absolutely sickening, so sickening that it’s near impossible to imagine.

  11. Justice was not served when the jury declared that Casey Anthony is “not guilty”.
    What kind of morons served on that jury? As far as I’m concerned, they were tired of being sequestered & just wanted to go home so they rendered their verdict without even asking a question or apparently not reviewing the transcripts or even the instructions to them. So this sorry excuse of a woman & mother is now trying to secure an interview for $1M (imo with the help of Jose Baez). On HLN last evening the man who said he met with her in a hotel room in Palm Springs to discuss an interview with her connected to a lie detector (HA HA!!!) reported the first comment out of her mouth was “Where’s the check?”. He wouldn’t give too much info. as he stated he didn’t want any details about her made public because so many people hate her & might try to harm her. I definitely would not waste a second reading a book about her – of course anything she had to say would not be believable.

  12. No For two reasons 1st-I have no desire to read anything a murderess has to say. 2ND- I couldn’t believe a word that was written she is an ADMITTED Liar……

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