Mean Betty: Would You Buy a Puppy from Chris Brown?

Is singer Chris Brown starting another career as a dog breeder?

Mean Betty: Would You Buy a Puppy from Chris Brown?

Is singer Chris Brown starting another career as a dog breeder?

-Mean Betty

chris brown and pit bull puppy

Oh my, kittens! (Or in this instance should Mean Betty say, “Puppies?”) When Meanie heard that Chris Brown was selling Pit Bull puppies via his website CB Breeds, Meanie wondered if Chris was trying to emulate Paris Hilton? After all, Chihuahuas that came from the same family as Paris’ pup were selling up to $10,000 a woof!

paris hilton and chihuahauas

If the bad press that seems to follow Chris Brown everywhere never dies, will he become a full time dog breeder? Will the world see Chris at dog shows in a tweed blazer, corduroy pants outfit completely covered in dog hair, talking about doggy things like blood lines and Companion Dog vs. Work Dog certificates? Oh, kittens, Meanie is just a tad ahead of herself here, let’s explain the sitch first.

You see Chris Brown has a Pit Bull who got knocked up. The unnamed pooch had a litter. Chris, being the enterprising young man that he is, immediately threw up a website called CB Breeds and began to sell them on the ‘net. Puppies were named: Princess, Pretty, Beauty, Fortune, Precious, Freedom, Jett, and Music.

 chris brown pit bull puppies

His mom tweeted her sales pitch:

joyce hawkins chris brown mom puppy tweet

And Chris himself made buying the pups super easy. 

 chris brown pit bull puppy ad

That’s right, just fork over $1,000 and one of the pups is yours. No pesky background check. No concerns on what possible nefarious deeds one might be planning for a baby Pit Bull. Nope, just fork over the dough and the dog is yours.

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One would think that when it comes to finding a defenseless puppy a home, the owner would be careful, especially if the breed is one that’s been maligned. Then again, most dog owners are responsible owners and make sure their dogs don’t get knocked up.

Le sigh, kittens, le sigh. For Mean Betty forgot that the phrase “behaving responsibly” and a person named Chris Brown are rarely in the same sentence. The two just don’t seem to go together.

And speaking of shoving, can anyone remember the last time Chris Brown has gone out socially and not shoved someone or stole a fan’s iPhone?

The good news is that all the puppies have homes. The better news is that Chris Brown (at this time) doesn’t have any more puppies to sell. That is until his dog comes home preggers again.

So if you’d like a Chris Brown Pit Bull of your very own, Meanie suggest you take your male dog over to Chris’s house and see if you can arrange a date!


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