Mean Betty: Was The Sexting Worth It, Tony Parker?

Eva Longoria drops divorce papers on her dirty dog of a husband, Tony Parker.

Mean Betty: Was The Sexting Worth It, Tony Parker?

Eva Longoria drops divorce papers on her dirty dog of a husband.

-Mean Betty

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker

How in the name of holy Prada could Tony Parker even think of messing up his marriage with the beautiful Eva Longoria, kittens? He must have taken one too many basketballs to the head.

Not only did Tony cheat on his loving wife of three years, he did it with his NBA teammate Brent Barry’s wife, Erin Barry. Way to screw over everyone that matters most Tony, darling.

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And how does one fail to cover their tracks? Eva reportedly found hundreds of texts between Erin and Tony. Ever heard of the delete button, Tony?

Rule Number One Of Cheating In The Digital Era: Delete Incriminating Messages!

How difficult is it to press delete after someone who isn’t your wife texts “want to lik u 4 eva?” Silly Tony Parker will never score someone as hot as Eva again.

Mean Betty should have warned Eva when they first hooked up that athletes never keep it in their jock straps.


Mean Betty

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty: Was The Sexting Worth It, Tony Parker?

  1. lakers392003 says:

    What an idiot!

  2. festivelady826 says:

    What a BIG idiot! And I agree, Mean Betty – Tony will NEVER have a gorgeous, classy woman like Eva again. He doesn’t deserve her.

  3. JCinDC says:

    Puhleeze, french and a pro basketball player….how can anyone be suprised?
    And Erin appears more intellectual to me.

  4. BrightLightGirl says:

    She was always waaaay too beautiful and classy for him – he’s one fugly mofo!!!

  5. NaptownCutie says:

    I agree with delta6. Tony will rebound. lol

  6. JackBQuik says:

    Eva may be a beautiful woman but she is dumb as a box of rocks. She cannot hold a conversation beyond Prada and she talks entirely too much about Mario “cheating and wife beating” Lopez. No man wants to continually hear about another man.

    Tony Parker is very intelligent but is a bit strange. How does one wear a music headset at his own wedding? He is a bit of a loner.

    Since when is sexting cheating? Tony said that he did not have a sexual relationship. He is as guilty as any other man who looks at another woman. Goodness, you’d think he was Jesse James, Charlie Sheen or Tiger Woods.

  7. M_In_O_Town says:

    Who needs the idiocy. I am the “love of my life”

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