Mean Betty Wants Dakota Fanning's Freshman Dorm– Er, Apartment

Dakota Fanning has passed up the NYU dorms in favor of a $8,400-a-month apartment. Do you want it as much as Meanie does?

Mean Betty Wants Dakota Fanning’s Freshman Dorm– Er, Apartment

Dakota Fanning has passed up the NYU dorms in favor of a $8,400-a-month apartment. Do you want it as much as Meanie does?

-Mean Betty

Dakota Fanning

Kittens, do you remember your very first year of college? How exciting was it to be living on your own for the first time? Such freedom! Staying up as late as you want! The ability to eat ice cream for dinner! Ridiculously late nights out with your roommates and floormates and everyone-else-in-your-building-mates! What fun!…

…Actually, come to think of it, one’s first definition of “living on one’s own” invariably means “trying to figure out how to survive along with a whole building of other people who have no more an idea of what they’re doing than you do,” doesn’t it? Ugh. Meanie shudders to remember such times. There’s a reason she likes to keep the butler around 24/7 these days. And the pool boy. And the gardener. And the chef.

But though Meanie may not like to THINK of such days, she did at least HAVE them. Four years in a grotty dormitory are part of the college experience, so of course she buckled down and steered herself through them like any good student does. But yesterday, you see, Meanie discovered something remarkable: Miss Dakota Fanning, who began her freshman year at NYU this fall, has bypassed this time-honored tradition—by renting an enormous, extravagant, two-bedroom, two-bathroom, $8,400-a-month apartment in the City That Never Sleeps.

Meanie saw the pictures and did a double-take. Such luxury? For a college freshman? Unheard of!

Dakota's apartment

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Now, do know, kittens, that Meanie understands why such a well-known individual might not want to live in such a public location as the freshman dorm during her college years. Know, too, that little Miss Dakota has certainly earned the right to such a lovely place. Meanie can even understand why Dakota would want to rent a two-bedroom apartment instead of a one-bedroom one; after all, her parents and sister would be silly indeed to pass up the chance to bed down in such a prime piece of real estate. And yet, Meanie can’t help but think that maybe—just maybe—Dakota might be shortchanging herself in the long run by ensconcing herself in the lap of luxury. And without a roommate, no less!

Meanie didn’t always have a butler, you see. She didn’t always have a pool boy. And she certainly didn’t always have mimosas every morning. Meanie went through her struggling student days just like everyone else, and her very first apartment was worth significantly less than $8,400 a month. Meanie also went through plenty of days with plenty of roommates, and though she wouldn’t live with a roommate now if you paid her to do it, she learned plenty about life, as well as about herself, through her various roommate relationships—things she wouldn’t have learned otherwise. Miss Dakota’s bachelorette pad, though astonishingly lovely, does not by its very nature provide her with those experiences that would be so valuable to her growth.

But then again, Dakota has often proved to be wise beyond her years, so Meanie concedes that ultimately this was probably the right choice for the budding academic. It IS a lovely apartment, after all, and Meanie covets it.

Though Meanie does wonder what prompted Dakota to choose a location where she would have John Mayer as a neighbor. That’s not a horror she would wish on anyone.



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