Mean Betty's Sad News: Kardashian Weekly Won't Happen!

Momager supreme Kris Jenner (oops) killed her dream of a magazine about her fabulicious daughters.

Mean Betty’s Sad News: Kardashian Weekly Won’t Happen!

Momager supreme Kris Jenner (oops) killed her dream of a magazine about her fabulicious daughters.

-Mean Betty

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Kittens, Mean Betty hates to be the bearer of bad news, she really does, but Meanie is sorry to say that your dreams have now been crushed. Meanie knows that you were waiting with bated breath and hearts a-flutter to get your hands on the very first edition of Kardashian Weekly (or whatever they were going to call it), but sadly a magazine devoted to all the Kardashians all the time won’t be near a newsstand near you. EVER.

What happened? Well, kittens, megalomanic momager supreme Kris Jenner, the only woman on this planet who could parlay a daughter’s sex tape into a multi-million dollar career, seems to have made a spectacular stumble! Really, who could have thunk that, eh?

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Kris reportedly had been in negotiations with AMI Media, the same people who own Star, National Enquirer, Shape, and Radar Online (stellar publications all), to create a Kardashian newsie.  After  Star ran their story about Khloe Kardashian not really being a Kardashian, Kris reportedly wanted editorial control not only of the Kardashian fanzine but of all AMI publications when it came down to stories about her clan. In return, Kris would happily give them “exclusives” for all of their rags.

Considering that E! has turned into the K! (for Karashian) channel, how could AMI really compete with that when it came down to “exclusives?” And are the Kardashians that newsworthy? Are they really American Royalty as Kim deludedly thinks? (Remember before Kimmy got married she stated that her ceremony was going to be so spectacular that “It’s going to be royal wedding number two.”)

Well kittens, Kris didn’t get the answer she thought she’d get. Or that she thought she deserved. After making her demands to AMI’s editorial team, “AMI chief David Pecker made it clear that there was no way he was going to tell his editors what stories they could and couldn’t do,” a source told The New York Post

Oopsies! In retaliation, Kris took her toys out of the sandbox pulled all Kardashian related ads from all of AMI’s publications and went home to sulk.

This is such a shame kittens! If only the recalcitrant party-poopers who make up the AMI editorial board had caved into Kris’ demands, we’d have freshly Photoshopped images and fake-happy stories about the Kardashian Klan every day of the week!


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