Mean Betty: Paris Hilton's Desperate Measures for Fame

Does anyone care that Paris Hilton has a new (clean) video out, or has been at tons of awards shows?

Mean Betty: Paris Hilton’s Desperate Measures for Fame

Does anyone care that Paris has a new (clean) video out or has been at tons of awards shows?

-Mean Betty

 Paris Hilton

Poor, poor Paris Hilton! Meanie feels oh, so very sorry for the poor lambkins. There was a point where the hotel heiress seemed to be everywhere. She and her then-BFF Nicole Richie had a hit show (The Simple Life, in case you expunged it from your brain), she was trailed by the paps daily, and Paris raked in loads of money for appearing at clubs, parties and events –preferably accompanied by a panti-less starlet such as LiLo or Britney.

Although Miss Hilton’s “acting” didn’t get her anywhere and her “music” was, to say the least, laughable, Paris was astute enough to trade on her fame to create fragrances, jewelry, shoes and accessories. It’s those endeavors that are keeping her in Bentleys, but not in the limelight.

No, dearies, Kim Kardashian and her kin, pregnant teens and crazed Housewives have taken over the stage to the point where there’s no room for Paris. You have to give the girl credit for trying to stay relevant. Not too long ago, she and mom Kathy launched her latest reality show, The World According to Paris. It debuted with only 400,000 viewers and quietly sunk without a trace.

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So lambies, it wasn’t a surprise that when Paris sat down with ABC’s Dan Harris for an interview shortly after her TV show started tanking and he asked her if she thought her “moment” was over, Paris got up and left. While the stunt may have perked up some notice from the gossip sites, it quickly died down again.

Yes kittens, no one’s paying attention to Paris. Did you know that she was at the Grammys? See what I mean? The big photo of Paris above is from this year’s Grammy and it’s probably the first time anyone has seen it.

Even the pool boy can’t remember who she is, and he loves, oh let’s call them amateur tapes.

Still, Paris is still trying to stay relevant. She’s just released a new video that covers hot button topics like sexting, drinking and texting and Twitter. Oh, you know about those things? Yes kittens, methinks Paris is just a tad behind the times.

You can see her desperate attempt to be cool here:


Kittens, do you think if Paris joined her aunts Kim and Kyle Richards on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, people would start to pay attention to her again?


Mean Betty

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