Mean Betty on Venus Williams' Tennis Court Lingerie

The tennis pro appeared to be corseted and pantless.
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Mean Betty on Venus Williams’ Tennis Court Lingerie

The tennis pro appeared to be corseted and pantless.

-Mean Betty

Venus Williams

Dear Venus Williams,

Why is it that you feel compelled to wear a corset and flesh-colored undies on the tennis court? You won your opening match at the French Open, but does anyone care? Non. All anyone can talk about is the fact that you look like you raided Lady GaGa’s closet before grabbing your racket and heading to the stadium.

Venus, the French may be open-minded when it comes to matters of the heart, but truly, dearest, try some shorts. You might like them! The world will still pay attention to you. Honest.


Mean Betty

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Venus Williams' Tennis Court Lingerie

  1. Are people ACTUALLY complaining about this? Seriously???

    Mean Betty, thank you for bringing this to my attention. I don’t follow tennis, and while I freely admit to having a THING for the Williams’, Venus just upped her place in my little score board. Not just for the KILLER game she has, but for her confidence, attitude and STYLE.

    That girl has BALLS and I think people are threatened by her not only being able to pull this look off, but kick ass at tennis while doing it.

    Oh, and btw, in case my user pic confuses anyone, I’m a woman. A big, butch, bisexual woman.

  2. cute, but definately not appropriate for a widely televised tennis match. She should separate her professional fashion self from her professional sports self. Just sayin’

  3. venus is not exactly known for her mainstream style. i personally don’t care what she wears, but what does mama & papa williams say about these victoria’s secret-like tennis outfits? hmmmmm…makes me wonder what is up with this entire family.

  4. ouch! sort of nasty looking. i’m surprised she can play so well, what with the concentration on what the spectators might be thinking, giving a great photog pose, etc. very interesting & confusing all at the same time.

  5. Venus, you are a great tennis player and I would give you a 10. However, as far as looks and sex appeal are concerned…you are too masculine looking, especially in your lingerie outfit…you get a 2.

  6. I just saw the other photo which shows Venus butt. Venus is a tennis star, not a Porn Star and she should dress like a tennis star. Leave the Porn Star part for her mate

  7. A) The self-righteous homophobia is really uncalled for on this board. And if it had been a man praising her looks & getting called disgusting, I’d say the misandry was uncalled for too.

    B) Venus is nearly 30 years old. Regardless of the propriety of the outfit, she is old enough to dress herself.

    C) Venus is certainly no delicate flower. But she has a beautiful, womanly, healthy, curvy body. Masculine is the last word I’d use to describe her physical appearance. So she’s strong. So what. Again, I’m not debating whether or not the outfit was appropriate for the occasion. Saying she’s too masculine looking for that makes one sound jealous. (Whether it’s of her curves or her athletic chops I won’t speculate.) And even if she was “masculine looking”, it’s not anyone’s place to judge.

    Masculine? Really?

  8. I think that vdenus is kind of a role model for a lot of people, and a lot of kids knows who she is. She’s one of the best at what she does; this means that next time, she should wear some actual clothing. not just a little lace rag. And no offense to Talon, but that’s not style. Thats frumpy.

  9. singingnymph what are you even talking about. there is no homophobia on the board and venus isn’t gay anyways is she? misandry isn’t even a word and masculine is exactly how most people would describe her. she has more of a manly bod then most women that’s fact.
    i think she looks silly what was she trying to prove by wearing this?

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