Mean Betty on Tiger Woods and Jesse James

Tiger's being taken to the cleaners and Jesse's cleaning house: The latest dish on our two favorite cheating hearts.
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Mean Betty on Tiger Woods and Jesse James

Tiger’s being taken to the cleaners and Jesse’s cleaning house: The latest dish on our two favorite cheating hearts.

-Mean Betty

Elin Tiger Woods

Bonjour, darlings! It’s been a while since Mean Betty gave any attention to our favorite cheaters … so it seems like an update on Tiger Woods and Jesse James is in order.

Tiger, Tiger Burning … Out

Mark Mean Betty’s words, kittens, Elin is going to come out on top in this whole debacle. While Tiger seems to have lost his grip (Ha! Pun intended!) and Rachel Uchitel becomes more and more of a self-parody (Playboy? Really?) … Elin Nordegren Woods is taking care of business.

Read Isn’t It a Little Too Soon, Tiger?

Now it’s being reported  that not only does Elin not want to sign a confidentiality clause, but she’s asking for $750 MILLION as a divorce settlement. For those of you dear little ones not good at math, that three-quarters of Tiger’s estimated $1 billion worth.

Plus, it seems she’s now demanding full custody of their children.

Smart, smart girl, Elin. Surely Tiger’s lawyers will talk down the financial settlement, but what’s really worth a goldmine is Elin being able to tell her story. How fun to be able to hold that over Tiger’s head!

Meanwhile …

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Tiger Woods and Jesse James

  1. 100 million $ for ea kid in trust & no future children of tiger or elin have access.175 million to elin outright. Tiger pays education,medical for kids and security for elin & kids till elin remarried and kids are 21. Use of plane and yacht till elin remarried. No confidentiality: It was her marriage too and she has every right to discuss it.

    There, problem solved! This is fair to elin and her kids are taken care of. Anything much more and she WILL look like a goldigger.

  2. I wouldn’t slink back to Sweden with my tail btween my legs no matter how many millions. She needs to hit him un the heart and gut as well. I mean the man brought the women into her HOME! He never stopped cheating, never.

    We all know Tiger will have another Elin on his arm when all this dies down; she ought to get the hottest man she can find (BEFORE he does) & never look back.

    My candidate: Mr. George Clooney. Handsome, famous, mysterious….That would get the sob where he lives, his pride and ego.

  3. Too bad she will get anything. Stupid girl! so he cheats? He was bring in lots of MONEY!!
    so you killed to golden goose and get enough to live in luxury the rest of you pathetic life. BOOOOOO

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