Mean Betty on Sarah Palin and Kate Gosselin

When Sarah Palin and Kate Gosselin team up, it's reality-TV apocalypse!

Mean Betty on Sarah Palin and Kate Gosselin

It’s reality-TV apocalypse!

-Mean Betty

Kate Gosselin

Hello, darlings! It’s been so long since we’ve heard about Mean Betty’s favorite “mom”- Kate Gosselin. What has she been doing? Taking parenting classes? Learning career skills that will get her a decent job after she leaves the “entertainment” industry? Cleaning the bathrooms in her home?

Of course not, kittens! She’s taken the kids to Alaska for a camping trip as part of her “show.” And isn’t that just what those moppets need? Why should they go to school and have a normal life? It’s so much better to go traipsing across glaciers while Miss Kate throws tantrums at hapless assistants. They’re even going to “pan for gold.” Will Big Mama put any riches they might find into a trust fund? Mean Betty thinks not! A few nuggets of gold will probably be good for at least one set of extensions.

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Sarah Palin

But that’s not all. Oh, no. For the Land of the Midnight Sun will have to suffer a further assault just weeks later when Sarah Palin’s Alaska debuts—and the Gosselins join her for a fun-filled outing! Although there are very few details about this unprecedented meeting, a video of Sarah’s program does give an idea of the visual riches to come. Sarah skis with her husband, has a barbecue and goes kayaking. (What? No shooting wolves from a helicopter? Perhaps in a later episode, although Mean Betty really hopes not.)

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Even skiing can’t stop the governor from dispensing her oh-so-familiar clichés sayings and beliefs throughout the program: “Oh, gosh!” “Family comes first!” “This is flippin’ fun!” and Mean Betty’s personal favorite: “I’d rather be doing this than in some dusty old political office.” As far as Mean Betty is concerned, that’s not a problem! Don’t you agree, kittens?

Mean Betty isn’t sure how the Gosselin posse will react to the Palin kids, or whether Todd, Sarah’s husband, will feel sad that he can’t talk to Jon, who’s undoubtedly off somewhere buying a new Ed Hardy t-shirt. But Mean Betty is sure of one thing: Kate and Sarah will probably stay up all night exchanging girlish confidences about fame, contracts, agents and percentages. You betcha!


Mean Betty

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Sarah Palin and Kate Gosselin

  1. I saw the preview for the Palin show – please, can’t this woman go away? Dancing With the Stars, a reality show – yeah, that’s the kind of person we need in the White House.

  2. where’s Betty been? behind a rock? The Gosselins were in Alaska last summer and the “camping trip” lasted about an hour, or until Kate was handed a bucket with a toilet seat attached and was told that those were the “facilities”. She then pulled a major hissy and demanded to be taken somewhere with beds and indoor plumbing.

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